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Find The Right Board For You:

  1. Start with the boards that fit your height.
  2. Then select an Original or Starter version depending on your weight.
  3. Select an Original or Starter model based on your experience.
You may also filter your board choice at the side of the page.

Create Your Training Package:

  1. Build It: select a board to create your own package and choose your balls, half balls and accessories.
  2. Basic Package: gets you started at the beginning level of balance training.
  3. Perfect Combo: packages are designed for an all around universal training system.

Need some extra help deciding which board to will fit you?
Please contact us and we will get you started on the right path. Tell us your height and training goals so we can provide a detailed answer for you. Contact Elysia at elysia@si-boards.com

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Si Boards Commando board Commando- LARGE BOARD SIZE
Our Price: $390.00

Si Boards Surf Original Combo with Balls, Half Balls and Resistance Bands Endless Surf - MEDIUM SIZE
Our Price: $1,500.00

Si Boards Surf Starter board Surf Starter - MEDIUM ECONOMY
Our Price: $195.00

Si Boards Powder Starter balance board Powder Starter - SMALL ECONOMY
Our Price: $190.00

Si Boards Turbo Starter board Turbo Starter - SMALL ECONOMY
Our Price: $155.00


I have been using the Si Board for almost a year now and it has helped my up my game as an Athlete. It exposed some holes I had in my balance and some of my stabilizer muscles. Since using the board my balance and core strength have increased significantly as well as my lifts such as front squat, back squat and deadlift. The Si board is something that I use every training session in some fashion because it is so versatile you can make even the simplest movements challenging.

Scott "The Viking" Viala