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Why Si Boards And Balance Training Will Work For You

Breaking The Rules:

We are breaking the rules of traditional balance training. Bigger and better size ranges, variety of solid balls and completely progressive. Break out of the mold of one foot simplistic balance and one dimensional movements. Make it complex, add your upper body and train in all directions. Serious athletes need serious training.

Fun And Always Challenging:

Si Boards movement is unique and you will never completely master it and get bored. The challenge keeps you salivating for more. The Si Board will not end up sitting in the corner like other exercise equipment.

Get On Board With Sport Specific Movements:

Each sport has specific movements with the common thread of multi-plane and multi-joint coordination. Whether riding on a board like surfing or powering off the ground in football, your body uses complex patterns. Si Boards trains you in sport specific positions.

Move Your Body In All Directions:

Our legs, trunk and arms are designed to move in 360o degrees of circular movement. Shoulders and hips are a ball and socket joint with infinite positions. To properly train you need a board that does not restrict motion to one dimension.

Injury Prevention- Stay In The Game:

Studies show you are 4 times more likely to get injured during competition. This can be from fatigued muscles during non-contact injuries or from an opponent overpowering you. Train your muscular endurance, stand tall and compete well into overtime.

A Better Way To Recover From Injury:

The effects of injury are magnified in the body when you have swelling, movement dysfunction, torn ligaments, tendons and muscles. Sometimes your nerves and muscles forget how to work together. Get off the injured list and avoid long term problems that may hinder your performance.

Fire Up All Your Stabilizer Muscles:

Standing on an unstable surface requires more muscle activation to keep your posture upright. The same is true for seated, push-up, stomach and back positions. We need small stabilizers to kick in and help the large powerful muscles, especially during times of fatigue. Si Boards gets all muscles firing to full capacity.

Wake Up Your Body:

A dynamic warm-up is essential for great sport performance. Increase the blood flow, muscle activation and nerve response in your body before heading out on your regular sport board or the field. Start your session with the confidence of a champion.

Make The Hard Stuff Look Easy:

Completely focus on key moves in a safe and controlled setting without the distraction of opponents and the environment. Complete ten reps in record time. If you fall off all you have to do is get back up and get back on the board. No need to paddle out again, ride the ski lift or run up the ramp.

Improve Posture And Core Stability:

Postural stability is your ability to maintain upright balance when opposing forces try to knock you down. It is also a key component of stabilizing your trunk and pelvis for simple activity such as walking, reaching into a cabinet and getting up out of a chair. Balance training is a must for daily living activity for all populations.

Aging With Strength And Coordination:

The CDC notes that 1 in 3 adults age 65 and older fall each year. Falling can result in serious injury including fracture, brain injury and death. The fear of falling also causes older adults to limit their activity and physical fitness. From toddlers in diapers to grandparents with canes we all need to stay active.

Made For Travel:

Si Boards will fit into a board (wake, body, surf, kite, etc.) bag and any other big bag you have around your house. Or just grab the board by the rail and take it with you. You can take Si Boards equipment to the local park and turn some heads with your own traveling gym.

Short On Time- No Problem!

Can’t get to the beach in time, no snow in weeks, winds aren't blowing, locked out of the gym, past your curfew, or just plain old grounded? Si Board at any time and in any place. Night owls beware- the downstairs neighbors might not appreciate all the pounding.

Real People, Real Places:

The Si Board maniacs in our photos and videos are real enthusiasts. We want you see how our solid balls performs on carpet, rubber floors and concrete. Imagine yourself training at home, the park, gym or your special location. Si Board riders are real people with functionally fit bodies, not fitness models.