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Welcome To Si Boards!

My name is Elysia Tsai and I created Si Boards balance boards. Since 1999, I have worked as a Certified Athletic Trainer helping injured athletes, physical therapy patients and fitness clients return to sport and achieve their goals. In 2001 I had an idea to improve the current balance board designs. It wasn't until 2004 after returning home from graduate school that I began this journey. After three years in developments we finally had a product line and started sales in 2007.

The traditional balance boards on the market did not fit the needs of my clients. I needed something dynamic, varying in size and progressive to take an athlete from basic injury rehabilitation to fully functional and return to play. I couldn't effectively work with a 6'7" basketball player and 5' cross country runner on the same sized balance board.

As a sports medicine professional I've worked with a large variety of products and appreciate quality and multi-function. I was determined to develop a progressive and safe balance board system with the finest materials. Si Boards offers a new take on mobile, industrial, well functioning and value conscious product lines for continued hard use.

Our range of multi-direction Balance Boards, Balls, Half Balls and Resistance Bands allows everybody to mimic their sport movements for quick and effective results. Versatile for post injury and surgical rehab all the way to elite athletes in peak performance. Our Ultimate Fitness board is equally effective for training on the go, rehab and personal training.

I want to inspire the creator within and encourage you to take training to the next level where ever you go. Piece together our products to develop a balance board and fitness training system that meets your needs. Or create your own multi-direction balance board with our DIY Creator Kits.

As Si Boards has grown, so has our product line. We create responsive Power Rope Balls from our high rebound urethane. With detail to advanced function, safety and design we have developed a Power Rope Ball that will provide you with another fantastic training tool.

We look forward to developing educational material for you and maintaining high quality standards. Please let us know how we can help you. I am always available for training ideas and to help you design your own unique system. Together our ideas will create change for the better.

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Sincerely your Si Board maniac,

Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer