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The Perfect Gym In A Bag!

Our Resistance Band System is designed to bump up the intensity of your balance board exercises. Simply wrap around the rail of the Original boards or use on the Ultimate Fitness board. Active your body with balance and resistance training at the same time.

Resistance bands are great for strength training, stability training, injury rehab and fitness on the go. Travel anywhere and set up your own gym. A perfect accessory for everybody!

Advanced Design Features:

Comfortable Feel:

Extra cushion grip handles are soft on your hands and mold to the palm of your hand. You wont feel the inner core pressing into your hand.

Ever Lasting Material:

All strapping material is made with ultra strong, friction resistant, UV and mold safe seat belt material. Continued use resists friction breakdown and fraying of the straps.

Free Rotation For Multiple Motion Planes:

Unlike a d-ring, our strong welded o-rings don't shift out of place and bind in the seam. Our handles are also made with extra space to avoid any binding of the straps or contact with the foam grip. Easily maneuver your hands and feet.

Quickly Attach To A Variety Of Objects:

Long loop straps attach around larger posts, park benches, table legs, bats, racquets, Si Board rails and anything stable. Simply wrap and click your bands in. Bands are also designed to clip into fence link or small cables.

Full Body Work Is Easy:

With 2 foot straps, 2 long loop straps and 3 levels of resistance bands you can make infinite combos of stances, angle of pulls and exercise variety.

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