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Buyer Guide, Instruction Manuals, Training Ideas and Sports Medicine Techniques

We put together some exercise training ideas to get your started. Always easy to download and print on a standard sheet of paper. Use as many times as you like and always for free. Perfect for posting on the wall in your training gym or clinic.

Please click on the links below for the PDF version.

Buyer Guide, Price List and Perfect Combos
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Si Boards Pricing List and Buyer Guide

Our quick reference guide detailing sizes, ride stance, weights, prices and suggested combinations. Balance board chart shows the beginner, intermediate and advanced Ball and Half Ball options.

Product Info Posters
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See our unique differences and advantages of our Balance Boards, Medicine Balls and Power Rope Balls. A quick detail of our benefits to your sports performance training for dynamic movement, explosive power, rotational control, core control and balance.

72 Page Si Boards Information Packet For Orders
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Si Boards Info Packets For All Orders

Get the 72 pages of information that we send out with all orders. Information includes our Mobile App Links, Social Links, Buyer Guide and Price List, 10 In 1 Ball Combos, Balance Board Instruction Manual, Board Stance Posters, Exercises To Get You Started Posters, Ball Posters and Written Training Guides. Everything you need is in one big download!

Jump ahead and see what's coming with your order. These posters can be printed and placed on the wall for your reference. Since this is a very large file, please give it a moment to download.

Balance Board Instructions, Care and Maintenance Guides
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Si Boards Balance Board Instructions

See our complete Balance Board instruction manual that details the care and maintenance, spotting, ride progression and accessories. Medicine Ball guidelines and Resistance Band System precautions are outlined.

Specific detail outlines how to get started using the different Ball and Half Ball combos including the double pivot, single pivot, wobble board, rocker board and multi-direction board. Instructions on using your upper body and full body positions. See pictures on attaching the resistance bands.

10 In 1 Ball and Half Ball Combos click here

See the different Ball and Half Ball combinations to create your universal balance training system. This information on the movement patterns and names will help you progress in skill.

Specific poster for Surf sports detail which set-up will help you train for pop-ups, footwork, cut back, rail to rail and rough water conditions.

Balance Board
Stance Positions click here

8 pages and 88 detailed positions for sports performance training variety. Positions for deep squat sports, board grabs, targeting weak sides, glute control, ab control, upper body positions and full body training. A great visual reference with detailed explanation.

Balance Board Exercises click here

13 pages and over 190 pictures of real time positions on Balls and Half Balls. Learn how to start and stop and then progress your training to the next level. You will also see Resistance Band positions for full body training that will inspire you.

How To Ride A Si Board Balance Board click here

Si Boards Balance Board Ride Instructions

Take it back to 2007 with this original balance board instruction manual. Balance board precautions, care and maintenance and ride instructions are detailed. The trick list is detailed out as well as contact information. This document prints landscape and folds in the middle.

How To Use The Si Boards Medicine Ball
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Si Boards Medicine Ball Instructions

See our step by step guide to using your new ball as a superior rebound medicine ball. Si Boards Balls are solid and have a rebound unlike any other ball. They should be thrown and bounced with care to prevent injury.

This guide shows you how to properly use our medicine balls in a variety of exercise techniques. Care and maintenance is also discussed.

How To Use The Si Boards Power Rope Ball
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Si Boards Power Rope Ball Instructions

Our Power Rope Balls have specific design features and function compared to others. Learn how to properly maintain your rope ball.

See the variety of hand holds, rope positions, one hand or two hand moves and the standing or seated exercises. A step by step guide to learning how to control the rebound and get started with complex moves.

How To Use The Si Boards Ultimate Fitness Board click here

Si Boards Ulitmate Fitness Board Instructions

The Ultimate Fitness Board is a great tool for Personal Trainers and fitness on the go. A large platform that transforms into a rocker or wobble board. With 9 different Half Ball configurations and 8 attachment sites for our Resistance Bands the training variety is unlimited.

Great for those who do not need a rolling balance board. Take any exercise and add stability and postural awareness.

How To Use The Si Boards Resistance Band System
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Si Boards Resistance Band System Instructions

Our Resistance Band System is the perfect gym in a bag and great for travel. Not only can you use it on your Original Si Board, you can use it with any stable object or sports equipment. See how to easily loop and attach bands, handles and foot straps. You can also use the bands while the loop straps are attache to your feet and hands.

DIY Create Your Own Balance Board- Creator Skate Kit
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Si Boards Creator Kit- Skate Kit Instructions

Are you ready to transform your skateboard deck with our small DIY Creator Kit? See our suggested board and assembly guides. In about 30 minutes you will be riding. Also includes a template you can print on a legal size paper. Ride instructions are included.

DIY Create Your Own Balance Board- Creator Starter Kit
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Si Boards Creator Kit- Starter Kit Instructions

Calling all creators who want to build their own multi-direction balance board. See our step by step guide to making your paper template, marking the holes, drilling and assembly. This larger rail is the same rail on all Starter Boards. In about 30 minutes you will be up and riding. Ride instructions are included.

Balance Board, Half Ball And Medicine Ball Exercise Posters click here

Si Boards General Exercises

See our original posters from 2007. Half Ball exercises, medicine ball training, general board and ball exercises and tricks. See the trick list in sequence with moves like the pop-shuv it, lateral jump, crabbing and helicopter.

Si Boards Medicine Ball Exercises
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Si Boards Medicine Ball Posters

We put together unique medicine ball exercises that you can only do with our superior rebounding balls. Complex moves that require bounce and full body activation are shown. See the Jackhammer, Back Thruster, Soccer Throw and Rebound in sequence.

The different size and weight Medicine Balls are detailed and each have their own poster.

3 Inch Mini Ball Drills For Baseball And Softball Throwers
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Si Boards 3 inch ball

Our 3" Mini Ball is the perfect size and weight for throwing without overtiring your arm. Get started with these 10 drills for your baseball and softball training. Improve your throwing and catching accuracy. Drill also include agility moves to help with infield skills.

Lower Body Exercises Using A Si Board Balance Board
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Si Boards Lower Body Exercises

Make full use of our balance boards with this exercise variety that targets your lower body. Each exercise is explained in detail. Find our more about the Tripple Hammy Whammy, Lunge Jumps and Crabbin.

Upper Body Exercises Using A Si Boards Balance Board
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Si Boards Upper Body Exercises

Upper body moves on our balance board are great for core control, spinal stability and strength throughout your entire range of motion. See the detailed instruction for the Push-Up series and Dips.

Si Boards Full Body Medicine Ball Exercises
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Si Boards Medicine Ball Exercises

Progress your Medicine Ball skills and incorporate your full body with our training drills. We combine full range of motion, explosive moves, agility and hand eye coordination. Detailed explanation of exercises like the Tennis Stroke, Baseball Pitch, 3 Hole Punch, One Arm Snatch and Jackhammer Shuffle will keep you moving.

Self Active Release Technique For Warm-Up
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Stay healthy and maintain your tissues with this Self Active Release guide. Elysia uses her sports medicine background to show you how to release tension along your muscles and tendons. Full body progression starts with your scalp and ends at your feet. You will use your own hands and move through a range of motion. Great for movement and exercise prep and recovery after your workout.

Foam Roller Guide For Myofascial Release click here

Elysia created this step by step full body foam roller guide so you can keep your muscles free from adhesion and pain. Follow along with pictures and written instructions for 13 pages of full body moves. A great and versatile tool for everybody.

Trigger Point Release With 3 Inch Mini Ball click here

Our 3" Mini Ball is great for working our those painful trigger points. Elysia uses her sports medicine background to show you a full body progression from the upper body to the feet. Use one or two balls for this active release technique using constant pressure and range of motion movement. 6 pages of pictures and easy to follow instructions.

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