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Save on cosmetic blemished items!

Common variance in manufacturing and the nature of your Si Boards items being hand made sometimes gives us cosmetic blemishes. We would never try to hide the imperfection or pass it along without you knowing- that just isn't our honest style!

I use blemish items for my personal training and demos. Because we use quality materials and processes the blems function just as great (just not perfect looking).

Common blemishes are:

- Excessive pin holes from the urethane pour on Medicine Balls, Power Rope Balls and Starter Rails
- Pinhole during urethane molding that was later drilled out and re-filled for our Medicine Balls and Power Rope Balls
- Silkscreen ink that did not come out clearly on the logo or artwork
- Top layer board ply that naturally split and was repaired
- Steel rail that has a scuff or small bubble in the powerdercoat
- Hand trimming of urethane that left a scuff
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