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Find Out Why Our Customers Wanted To Jump On Board

I like to ask our customers what drew them to Si Boards. And I am always so pleased to see the variety of sports, skills and training desires of everybody. Your emails keep me going. Here's a little motivation and perhaps you're wondering if Si Boards is a good fit for you.

Surf Sports Training:

While researching balance trainers to improve my stand up paddleboarding/surfing, I found a great review of your Si Boards and was very impressed. My primary goal is improving my balance (and stabilizing endurance) for standup paddling in rough conditions and standup surfing.
- LV -

I will use this personally but also in my work. I run an expedition program at a residential 12 step recovery house here in Colorado. We do everything from rock climbing to mountain biking to backcountry skiing, etc.. I see this system as something that my clients will find very beneficial. Many of the guys that I work with, due to their using history, have very poor balance, this can be a fantastic tool for those guys to work on to improve said balance and coordination.
- LS -

I can't wait to try them out. I'm really only interested in the one ball balance aspect at this point in time. your picture is up on wikipedia under "balance boards/sphere-and-ring boards". i googled "si boards", read your development story and was hooked. i just recently tweaked to this balance stuff. i have surfed and snowboarded in the past, so i understand the urge. i am interested in trying wake boarding, so this thing seems like perfect potential prep. the casual home use application is very appealing. right now, i am playing around on a couple of kicktail and rocker indo boards, as well as a slackrack, but your stuff seems just like, well, you know, the cat's balls.
- AN -

I have been training in brazilian jiu jitsu and now am starting to pick up kite boarding. Given that I am landlocked and pretty much now in the dead of winter, I wanted to perform exercises meanwhile that would be beneficial once the season starts. I have used swiss ball for balance and a wobble board, but once I saw the versatility of your boards and a more practical application for both sports I like, I decided to give it a try. Looks like a great product. I am impressed by the versatility and also the railing solves my concern about the board sliding past the ball…. The overall exercise satisfies a couple of principles in sports medicine for increased neuromuscular stimulation, which of course increases the yield from the exercise itself.
- ZM -

Parkour Training:

My older son does parkour and diving, and is always looking for some way to work on his core, and your board make the most sense.
- MS -

Just For Fun:

I just wanted something fun and different to train on. I already do kettlebells, rings and ladder drills. I do triathlons, ultra trail runs, ride motorcycles and make my living as an LEO so I figured I could benefit from proprioception training. So thank you for coming up with this awesome board. I cant wait to try it out.
- RS -

I was looking for a balance board that used a ball instead of a roller. I plan to use the board to train my balance at the office when I'm not mountain biking :p
- JB -

I am a physical therapist and I think balance training is very important and underutilized. Your company's board seemed like it would be the best option.
- JK -

After trying the buso balls, I wanted to try something more taxing for my balance training. In addition, I'm an avid recreational skier and wanted to supplement my off season training with balance training using a narrow stance.
- JL -

Getting Kids Active:

I found your company on the Internet while searching for a balance board for more 18 month old daughter. I like to ski and was looking for something to help get her on skis as young as possible. Hopefully with your product and a lot of patience on my part we will succeed.
- KM -

Boxing Training:

I’m a fitness boxer, I do not spar – but enjoy the challenge of boxing workouts and training techniques. I’m always working on getting better – and want the workouts to be fun. Just like Johnny Hendrix says in your videos of him using a Si board – good balance is so important in combat sports. I was researching other balance boards online and came across a comment from a person talking about Si boards -saying it was hands down the best board available. I watched the videos, downloaded the workout guides and decided I had to have one. It’s a brilliant idea and I love to support home grown ideas and products. Really want to work on stance and footwork on the board.
- KP -

The sports I am into is: sometimes skateboarding, surfing big guy board/ longboard, snowboarding, and stand-up paddle board surfing. My balance, legs and core could use more work, and upper body strength. I am looking at an overall conditioning, strength and control work-out package.
- DS -

Basketball Training:

I am planning to use if for basketball practice and the fact that the balls can bounce is what makes them appealing.
- TD -

Skate Training:

I am 37 years old and started skating again as a means of conveyance (can't take a bike on a train). I found that I over the years my balance has gotten worse. So, I started looking around the internet to see if I can find a balance board to improve my balance. I came across your skate kit after a search for "DIY skate balance board". Of course, I have not used it, but your idea of a ball in rails is the best one I have run across. Being an engineer that has also studied bio-mechanics, I mean that as a sincere compliment. Most of the other models I have seen involve a single axis of motion that needs to be controlled. So, I would have to choose to practice forward-backward balance or heel-toe balance. Since your approach uses a ball, I can get all degrees of motion. There were a couple that also used a half semicircle attached to the ground or the board, but non of them had a tail and nose lip similar to a skateboard.
- BL -

I put it on a bamboo skate deck. I like it a lot, I love to slalom inline skate, longboard and casterboard so that requires a lot of balance and the skateboard kit will help me improve my balance and become better at what I like to do.
- JM -

Running Conditioning:

The Si Board is a gift for my girlfriend at her request. She heard about the Si Board from a blog post Jay Dicharry, author of Anatomy for Runners. She's planning on using the board for rehabilitation and strengthening.
- AC -