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Half Balls are Great for Beginner to Advanced Skills

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Create Your Own Wobble Board And Rocker Board
Half Balls give you 100% creativity to make your own unique balance board. Since our half balls are not fixed to any Si Board you can adjust the placement and size for skill progression. Place in the center for equal weight distribution. Or add extra challenge by placing the half ball to the left of the board and target left leg dominance.

Perfect for learning new exercises from beginning movements to advanced. Made from solid urethane for durability against friction and deformation. Larger sizes allow you to stack into each other to create a taller base. Place them under your surf board, wake board, snow board, kite board, SUP... and make it truly sport specific.

Exclusive Half Ball Design

Durable Urethane:

Urethane is the most superior material to resist friction, wear and tear, cracking, UV breakdown and deforming. Urethane is also odor free and resistance hand oils.

Unfixed For Exercise Variety:

Having the freedom to place your half ball under any surface and configuration allows you to specifically train for your sport. Place under a surf board, wake board, snow board or something you've created on your own.

Free Rotation:

Rotate your board on the half ball or rotate the half ball on the ground. This unique ability to rotate your balance board fires up your core muscles and balance at the same time.