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Watch Our Power Rope Ball Video and See Our Unique Advanced Design

The variety of Rope Balls from Si Boards have become a daily training tool that we use develop Explosive Power with our Golfers and other Athletes. The rope ball is a SOLID ball and its rebound from the ground or a wall forces you to stay engaged and it allows you to work concentrically and eccentrically, in other words you will feel the slam but you will still be working against the rebound, you will simply WORK HARDER. I would highly suggest using the Si Boards rope ball to any trainer or strength coach looking for a durable and effective tool to increase mobility, overall strength and power in their athletes.

Andrew Fodge, MS
Owner/Head Personal Trainer of Fitness by Andrew LLC

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Consistent Rebound For Better Reps And Great Training

Si Boards has developed the perfect training tool to harness your inner strength and wake up your rotational power. We took our superior rebound medicine ball and placed a rope through it. Traditional air filled rope balls don't have a predictable rebound which can lead to dangerous rope slack.

Slam our Power Rope Ball against the wall to simulate swinging sports such as baseball, hockey, lacrosse and golf. Swing around your body for core control to simulate figure 8's, softball pitching or SUP paddling. You will love the solid rebound of this ball because it is consistent and predictable which gives you the ability to train at your best.

Exclusive Rope Ball Design


Cast from solid urethane. Urethane is the most superior material to resist friction, wear and tear, cracking, UV breakdown and deforming. Urethane is also odor free and resistant to hand oils.

Single And Double Arm Training:

Our range of different ball sizes allows for complex sequencing and tight space training if you need to keep rotations closer to your body or completing overhead moves. You can confidently use two small rope balls overhead without fear of them contacting each other.

Full Swinging Rotations:

The rope is protected with a top cap made from the same durable urethane. Safely complete big swinging motions without the rope ends touching the ground and eventually wearing. You can also set the rope ball on the ground without fear of inadvertent rope wear.

Hand Holds That Simulate Your Sport:

With a variety of hands holds and the ability to split the rope in two, you can exactly simulate your sport. Grips used for baseball, bunting, hockey, lacrosse, golf, paddle and racquet sports needing close hands, split hands or wide shoulders are all possible.

Train Agility With Power:

The superior rebound allows you to fully wind up, hop forward and slam the rope ball against the wall. The resulting rebound requires your quick reaction to hop backward. This unique feeling simulates rotational power while on the move as if on the field, court or ice.

Consistent Training For Better Reps:

Our rope ball has a predictable bounce and resists deformation like an air filled ball. Air filled balls can have dangerous rope slack and requires you to pull the ball into your body for the next rep. Easily complete full range of motion in quick sequencing with our rope ball.

Warning: Si Boards rope balls bounce with extreme energy. Children should always be supervised. Do not use where people or objects may be damaged. Please follow all safety precautions and guidelines.