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Fitness Everywhere With Unique Advantages of Size, Function and Versatility

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Designed To Make You The Ultimate Fitness Professional

Training clients just got better!. Intensify any exercise routine by adding the element of balance and proprioception. A safe alternative for gyms and fitness studios while using half balls. Designed without a rail to easily stack or hang and the built in carry handle allows you train on the go.

Easily get into functional stances and simulate sport movements on a wobble or rocker board. Counterbalancing the board and pull from the band is a whole new sensation. With half ball and bands the exercise variation is limitless. A perfect addition to your home gym.

Exclusive Balance Board Design

Infinite Exercises:

Combine the Half Balls, Resistance Bands and a variety of body positions for an endless amount of exercises. Keep your clients hungry for the next challenge and never get bored with your home routine. Or just use the Ultimate Fitness board and Resistance Bands as a stationary gym.

6 In 1 System:

Create 6 unique configurations with the half balls for a wobble, rocker, diagonal, central or side dominant balance board. Simply change your stance and teeter side to side, forward and back or diagonal planes.

8 Resistance Attachment Sites:

Add resistance bands to the board and find unique directions of pull from the front, back, diagonal or side. Change positions and stances for your next exercise sequence for a completely new sensation.

Skill Progression:

Easily progress clients from small amounts of tilt to advanced moves requiring more core control by increasing the Half Ball size.

Light, Easy To Carry And Store:

Quickly train on the go and comfortably carry your board with the integrated carry handle. Stacking and transporting to your next location won't take up a lot of space.

Combine With Existing Equipment

Already have a wealth of equipment? Place the platform on a Bosu Ball, air cushion, air disc or existing small balance board board platform. Expand your existing equipment and use a big platform.

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