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Education Courses for Professionals and Training Programs for Individuals

Are you ready to train your athletes and clients but need some help getting started?

Signature training programs increase client retention

Designed to make you the expert

Lead your own workshops or online classes

Increase client performance outcomes and health management

Programs are easy to understand for non-professional users

Maximize your Si Boards products and function beyond your wildest dreams.

Designed by Elysia and her colleagues who specialize in sports medicine, high performance strength and conditioning, injury prevention and specialty certifications.

Elysia's notes: I love working with athletes and teaching workshops. Before I built my product line, I was creating policy and educational materials for athletes focused on concussion management, hydration, nutrition and injury rehabilitation.

As I built my product line, it came naturally to show exercise progressions using our products. I am so thankful for my friends and professionals who helped me design these awesome programs. I am so happy to share them with you because I love to see you succeed. And it's a confidence boost hearing how my programs have changed your lives.

If you've cruised through this website, I think you know I am very detail oriented - so you know these programs are well rounded with wealth of information! I'm all about skill progression for beginner to advanced users and never creating the same exact program every day. Jump in with me and keep on breaking the rules!

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