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Picking Up The Pieces

Did you know we had some roadblocks along the way? Rewind here and read about the Ups and Downs

In 2008 I dove into working several part time jobs. For several years I shipped out Si-Boards orders when they came in and did some seminars for Athletic Training classes at local colleges or high schools. But I was still not making efforts to pick up Si-Boards where it left off.

I traveled monthly with the National Youth Teams for the US Soccer Federation as an athletic trainer. Internationally I have been to Germany, Argentina, Costa Rica, Denmark, Spain, Panama and Japan. In 2012 I was staffed with the Under 20 Women's National Team during the World Cup cycle. Training camps were two weeks long with a home stay for 10-14 days.

We traveled 16 out of 36 weeks in preparation for the World Cup. While I was at home I continued to work with soccer and communicated with the athletes. The team won gold at CONCACAF in Panama and qualified for the World Cup. In August we left for Japan who hosted the World Cup. One month, 16 hour work days, 4 cities, 6 games in 3 weeks, lots of manual therapy, massage, injury prevention, strength training, rehab, regeneration and it was a success. The U20 WNT beat Germany in the final and won gold at the World Cup of 2012.

As an athletic trainer I have had amazing opportunity to travel with a team of elite athletes. My job is to keep players healthy and tend to immediate injuries. I traveled with Si Board balance boards and balls and put them to good use with the players. Being part of the World Cup team was a highlight of my career.

After returning home in September of 2012 I needed to figure out my path in life again. In talking with my older brother, who was a software business man turned rock star (literally), he said the most succinct and poignant thing. "You can either do three things mediocre or take one thing and do it awesome." It was the kick in the butt I needed.

Thanksgiving of 2012 I decided to turn Si Boards back on, around, right side up and move it forward. I have a patent, all the tooling, processes and tech specs figured out already. I would be crazy to walk away from all of it. Sandy and I started Si-Boards, LLC in 2005 and after many life changing events we decided I would be the sole owner. Si Boards, Inc was officially incorporated in 2013.

My athletic training colleagues and family have all been there to support me. I have met amazing and talented athletic trainers, physical therapists, strength and conditioning professionals and other balance board maniacs. Most importantly Si Board riders keep me inspired. Reading emails and hearing success stories ensures me we have a unique, versatile and quality product. How could I say no?

I would like to thank all the past and current Si Boards supporters. Without your emails, kind words, suggestions and many questions I might have lost the drive to follow my dream again. I look forward to writing the future of this story.

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Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC
Si Boards, Inc

Elysia Tsai Invents Si Boards Balance Boards