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The Best Balance Board and Core Strength Exercises for Surf Sports

5 Day Surf Training Program click here

Si Boards 5 Day Surf Training

Download our fun and fantastic 5 Day Surf Training Program. Designed by Jennifer Beatty, MS, CSCS and Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC. Jenn is a board sport specialist and surfs as often as she can, sometimes multiple times a day. We put together a well rounded program designed to improve a specific skill each day with cardio, strength and balance. Fun for all beginners, advanced and pro athletes.

Skill specific sequences are broken down into these categories:

5 Minute Daily Warm-Up
Paddling for Strength and Endurance
Duck Diving / Turtle Roll for Board Control
Pop-Up with Precision and Quickness
Board Manipulation with Footwork and Balance
Sport Specific Maneuverability
Complete Surf Session 1
Complete Surf Session 2
Si Boards 6 x 6 Matrix of Versatility

Kula Nalu Ocean Sports Surf Training PDF click here

Download our instructional PDF with 12 pages and over 150 photos for your surf training. See the expert coach Howard Keliinoi and local surfing sensation Dylan Cotton as they guide you to stay 100% surf fit year round. This sequence is also available on our free Mobile App. Topics include:

  • Multi-Direction Ride
  • Board Control Trunk Mobility
  • Board Control Core Stability
  • Pop Up Stability
  • Press Up Endurance
  • Strong Shoulder Mobility
  • Pop Up Power
  • Deep Stance Control
  • Layback
  • Back Foot Control
  • Front Foot Control
  • Leg Strength and Mobility
  • Strong Posture Spine Control
  • Catch and Thow Sequences
  • Low Loaded Spine
  • Rotation Loaded Spine
  • Front Loaded Spine
  • Back Rotation Loaded Spine
  • Stable to Unstable Load
  • Double Squat Jump
  • Rotation Jump and Land
  • 180 Jump and Land
  • Leg Power and Flexibility
  • Pop Up Power and Reaction
  • Mobility and Flexibility

Lorenzo Diaz from Board Riders Review Stays in Shape

(0:02) Elysia here from Si Boards Hanging out with Lorenzo Diaz who is the founder of Board Rider's Review. It's an awesome, awesome review of all things surf. Alright, you just rode the two most crazy, advanced versions for rough water training. The first was a "Thrasher" which was the 5" ball inside the 8.5" Half Ball and the second one was called the "Big Drop" with the bigger 6.5" ball inside the 8.5” Half Ball. And your thoughts?

(0:32) Insane. I mean if anybody could do this, like, I've been paddle boarding for about 6 years quite a bit. I probably do 180 days a year paddle boarding, but mostly I'm flat water and I've been getting back into paddle surfing and even though I've been paddle boarding for that long it's still really hard and a challenge because you got water moving, you got waves moving, you got wind pushing you, and you got wind chop. So it's really difficult. We just did the "Big Drop" and it's probably by far one of the best training tools you can do that simulates getting out in the line up, punching through your white wash, and just standing in the line up because standing in the line up can sometimes be really hard. This simulated it, I took to, I think, the tenth degree. I think you spend 5 minutes on this your legs will be on fire but once you get out on a paddle board you'll be a lot more comfortable. It's a lot of stuff going on when you're out in the surf trying to catch a wave, trying to stay balanced, for one thing, let alone turning around and catching the wave. So if you got that part figured out you're golden. You're going to catch a lot more waves than anybody else.

(1:38) It's an amazing tool. I was surprised by it. It looks so dangerous, just doesn't look right, but give it a moment and let the body figure it out and it's an amazing tool. My body feels like I was standing up paddle boarding for an hour right now. I think about a good 10 minutes. If you don't have one of these Si Boards I say "go get it." You've been riding the Si Board for... Probably 4 years. You've gotten so used to that smooth, glassy transfer and now, BOOM. Just when you get it figured out she comes up with something else. We got to put the bands on it too. That's for another year. I'm getting old.

(2:21) An amazing tool. Speaking of age, as I get older I'm 52, I got to say this has helped me transition back into short boards riding these Si Boards. It's sometimes difficult to go from a 10 ft stable board to a short 5'5" board that's not very stable. And this board has helped me, by far, better than anything else to let my body figure out how to do that. So, I don't think about it my body just does it. So I can take off on a board that I've never ridden and in less than a quarter of a wave my body's figured out where to stand on it. So it's amazing. Go get one, SI BOARDS.

Thanks Lorenzo.

Phil Rajzman, 2007 and 2016 World Longboard Champion

(0:01) Hi, I’m Elysia with Si Boards and I’m here today with Phil Rajzman. He’s from Brazil and he’s a professional surfer and longboarder. He’s also the 2007 ASP World Longboard Champion. We’re here today to get some perspective on how he’s been doing with the Si Board.

(0:19) (E) So Phil, how’s it been going?

(0:20) (P) Very good. I was introduced to the Si Board last year at the U.S. Open of Surfing, in July, and at that time I had some problems with my ankle. I was training before the Brazilian contest and I sprained my ankles. I was doing physical therapy with some balance boards, but the balance board that I was using before the Si Board didn’t give me different levels or high enough levels to do what I want to do on the board.

(1:10) (P) I think the best thing about the Si Board is that you can start with something easier and it can get harder and harder each time you train. It’s always good when I start with a small Ball or with two Balls and then one Ball and that makes the training better and better for practicing balance and exercising the muscles. I think that’s the most important thing. For me, right after I had the contest the doctor told me to stop surfing for six months.

(1:57) (P) I was training a lot and exercising with a physical therapist using the Si Board a lot and other exercises, but the most important balance exercise that I was doing was on a Si Board. After I got better, I went to the U.S. Open of Surfing and I won the contest. I was four months out of the water and won the contest. I think it’s amazing training for anyone who wants to surf and get better.

(2:39) (E) Talk about your training with two Balls and sticks and throwing Balls back and forth while you’re on the Si Board. I know you mentioned how important it is to concentrate and then work on your body and then again, your balance.

(2:53) (P) When you are competing you need to be focused and use a lot of concentration. When you are balancing alone it’s one thing. When you are balancing with friends, talking and hearing music, it’s different. I tried to use a lot of other things to give me more focus and more concentration so I used some sticks. That makes me more focused and I work with my body and my mind together.

(3:33) (E) Right, so you’re coordinating your mind and your upper body, because you’re doing things with your upper body and then your lower body.

(3:40) (P) Yeah, because when you are competing you have a lot of things around you. When you go to the water, everybody wants to talk to you. You have to be there, you have to talk with people but stay focused and concentrated on the competition because that’s what you want; you have to know what you want. This is good because I’ll some friends in my home and I put the Si Board in the middle of the room.

(4:20) (E) You guys have a party!

(4:22) (P) Yeah! It’s like a party. We put music on.

(4:23) (E) And see who can balance and everything?

(4:25) (P) Yeah! It’s good because you can practice alone or you can practice with some friends and that’s my job, I surf. It’s a lifestyle and my surf skills are improving. Surfing is different in Brazil because the waves are not perfect and we don’t have them every day so we have to find a way to practice. This is the perfect way to practice some new maneuvers and you can do them on the Si Board.

(5:17) (E) So you can surf indoors, practicing on the Si Board then you go out and do it in real time.

(5:21) (P) Yes. I’m working a lot outside of the water and I’m bringing the Si Board with me because when I’m competing, I like to be in the water and look at the other competitors. When the contests are over I like to be at the hotel alone, practicing with music, reading a little bit, then practicing a little bit more.

(5:52) (P) I think that makes me more focused on everything, and this is a special exercise. I just started to travel with a Si Board a year ago and that really made a difference in my surfing and in competition. In the morning when I wake up and I know I have a competition that day, I train a little bit before I surf, and then I go compete. That’s great because the results are showing, so that makes me feel good.

(6:34) (E) Awesome testimonial. That was really good. I love that. Especially about hurting your ankle; the doctor tells you to stay out for six months and four months later you win a competition. That’s awesome. Very good.

(6:50) (P) You don’t have to thank me, that’s what happened!

(6:54) (E) It’s a great story! I love it.

21 Battle Rope Exercises for Surf and Board Sports

It's battle rope time! Get your Si Board out and let's rock.

Freestyle Original and 6.5" Medium Ball for Multi-Direction Riding

0:15 General Warm Up: Get deep and let's go
0:27 Butterfly
0:36 Sideways Rotation Switch
0:48 Outside Circles
0:55 Inside Circles
1:03 Sidewinder
1:10 Big Double Arm Rotation
1:29 Wax On Wax Off Inside
1:38 Wax On Wax Off Outside

Commando Board for Big Stance- Using 2 8.5" Half Balls

1:57 Half Balls for Split Stance Training
2:00 Hip Mobility Deep Lunge
2:13 Hip Mobility Side Paddle
2:34 Double Arm Throw

Surf Original with 8.5" Half Balls

2:45 SUP/Waterski Stance Squat
2:53 Split Stance Lunge
3:00 Kneeling Butterfly
3:06 Kneeling Outside Circles
3:10 Kneeling Inside Circles

"I love that kneeling position... I don't know why because it hurts"

3:28 Seated Big Slam
3:35 Surfer Butterfly
3:50 Surfer Side Paddle
4:00 Surfer Stance Squats

Dryland Training for Surf Sports- Old School Video!

Phil Rajzman World Champion Longboard Surfer- Vintage Video!