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Need help on your self-care journey? Feeling overwhelmed with information? Not sure what to do next? Are your health care providers truly listening to you? We know the feeling; we’ve worked through it and we are here to help you.

Nicole and Elysia went from being doubled over on bathroom floors, uncontrollable periods, missed school and workdays, chronic pain and fatigue and given the option of “let’s do a hysterectomy” or “go on hormonal birth control” in our early 20’s.

As we began to thrive and take charge of our lives, we knew we had to help our athletes who experience the same symptoms, struggles and confusion. We created My Steady State athlete optimization programming in 2019, to address the packed schedules and lifestyle stressors of athletes.

Do you want to live a high vibration life, wake up with energy, champion through your day and sleep like you’re in hibernation? Do you know how to handle jet lag, long tournaments, overtraining, nutrition on game day and staying in peak exercise physiology?

All of the above can lead to heavy emotional and physical stress on the body. When you feel like it’s spinning out of control your body gently tells you with inflammation, fatigue and overwhelm. Menstrual dysfunction and hormone chaos are your body screaming at you.

Are you ready to take control, design your life and create your destiny? We are here to help you return to your steady state. Xoxo Champions! Nicole and Elysia