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Si Boards is Breaking The Rules... Again.

Our Product line of the most amazing, well built, superior functioning equipment is designed to give you the best in training. We invite you to Jump Into The Next Generation and feel the difference!

Si Boards first started as the most versatile and progressive balance training system using our balance boards, balls, half balls and resistance bands. You can create 10 different training platforms for post-injury rehab and progress to the most elite multi-directional realistic movement.

It just so happened that our balls became the Unbreakable Medicine Ball designed for superior rebound and high rep slams. Our balls stand the test of time and leave broken air filled rubber med balls in the graveyard.

Since our balls were so great, we converted them to a Power Rope Ball. One slam against the wall and the consistent rebound will satisfy your need for dynamic and efficient rotational training.

We distinguish our product line with the use of quality materials, attention to detail, size and weight ranges and the ability to meet individual needs. Find out more below and why Si Boards gives you the following:

Dynamic Core and Joint Stability

Balance and Proprioceptive Control

Agility, Power and Full Body Strength

Fun Metabolic Training

The Ability To Create Your Own Destiny

Exclusive Patented Balance Board Design


360 degrees of freedom and rotation training on solid balls. Sport and daily living activity involve all planes of motion and we must train for these movements for injury prevention and sport performance. Don't just move left and right or stay static. Move in any direction you please.

Universal Training System:

Combine our balls, half balls and resistance bands to create 16 different balance training platforms using the same board. Exercise variety has expanded beyond needing extensive amounts of equipment.

Multipurpose Rail Systems:

Safely contain the balls, protect your fingers from being smashed, add resistance bands and confidently slam into the steel rail to carve a turn on our Original boards. Our economy line of Starter boards features a smaller urethane rail that can be expanded as you progress in skill.

Solid Urethane Balls:

The secret to a great ride is our ball. It will never warp, deflate, break or give up! Smoothly ride foot to foot and effortlessly rotate the board. To truly ride like your sport board you need a solid ball.

Target Weaker Sides:

Unlike traditional balance boards, our half balls are not fixed to the bottom. This lets you customize your weight distribution by placing a half ball to the side of the board. Perfect for concentrating neuromuscular control to an underdeveloped side or post-injury rehab.

Sized For You:

No two athletes are the same. From small to tall, tiny to large feet and beginner to elite- we have the combo that fits you like a favorite pair of jeans.

Why We Use Urethane To Make The Best Balls, Rope Balls And Starter Rails

Superior Resistance To Friction Wear, Heat, UV Damage And Chemical Exposure

Odor Free

Unbelievable Rebound For Complex Ball Training And Movement Sequence

Higher Strength Compared To Rubber, Vinyl And Plastic

It Just Lasts And Lasts And Lasts

Created by Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC, a Certified Athletic Trainer and sports medicine professional helping athletes compete at their best. With safety features and unique designs you can confidently use our products for all clients. Let me help you find the right combo.
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Unique Features Compared To Other Balance Boards

Si Boards Balance Boards Are The Best For Surf Dryland and Sport Training

Versatility And Value:

1 Si Board = 10 different types of boards by changing balls, half balls and adding resistance bands

Full 360o Of Rotation And Unrestricted Motion:

Our bodies move in multiple planes and so should your training. Free and unrestricted motion means faster and better training outcomes.

Solid Urethane Balls vs Air Filled:

Our ball will never burst, deflate, warp or deform. You need a solid ball to truly ride like your sport board and to functionally train for ultimate performance.

Unbreakable Balls With Superior Rebound:

Never replace your medicine ball again from breakage or wear. No other ball is made for repetitive slamming with rebounding. Take plyometric ball training to the next level!

Boards Size To You:

Tiny tots to super sized- we have the boards that fit you.

Full Body Training- A Better Way To Train:

Stand and ride, lunges, 4 point stance, 3 point stance, wide squat, single leg stances, push-ups, dips, surfing pop-ups, walking the plank, toes on the nose, riding the edge, bridging, planking- its all possible with Si Boards.

Rail System For Safety:

Confidently balance and carve turns without fear of the ball rolling out. Safely stall the ball against the rail for advanced moves. Rails are also designed to allow enough foot room on the edge of the board.

Adjustable Rail System:

As you gain skill, confidence, or just outgrow your board- you can lengthen the rail in 4 inch lengths on all Starter boards.

Unique Board Shapes:

Integrated continuous rocker for smoother natural transitions on all Original boards. Elliptical shape allows easier turns on the ends.

Surface Treatments:

Grip particle is contained in the finish vs grip tape that will slide and peel. Grip is placed on all surfaces so you can feel secure anywhere on the board. We use an environmentally friendly water based finish.

Firmly Grip The Ground, Board And Rail:

Urethane balls and half balls will not slip on the ground, tile, concrete, carpet, turf or other slick surfaces the way plastic or wooden pivot points will.

Rail System Is Multi-Functional:

Steel rails on Original boards serve as attachment sites for Resistance Bands, weights and anything you can imagine.

Safely Grab The Board Without Smashing Your Fingers:

Design and dimensions of the rail keep your fingers safe from touching the ball or ground.

Unique Features Compared To Other Medicine Balls

Unbreakable Solid Urethane Medicine Balls Designed For Slamming and High Rebounds

Size And Weight Variety Lets You Get Sport Specific:

From baseball sized to a men's basketball sized balls, we have a range that makes sense. One handed moves for shoulder stability and rotational strength is vital to sport specific training. Small hands and large hand will find a comfortable ball for big powerful moves.

Cast As One Solid Urethane Ball:

Never replace your medicine ball again from breakage or wear. Our balls do not have a seam, inner cores of foam or are pieced together like traditional air filled medicine balls. No rubber, vinyl or leather pieces will peel up and break away from the ball.

Designed For High Rebound And Complex Motions:

Our balls will rebound 70% from a still drop. If you slam the ball on the ground you will have at least 200% in return height. This allows the ball to rebound overhead for complex movements and sequencing using your full body. This metabolic training gets your heart pumping as you complete fun medicine ball exercises.

Urethane Is A Superior Material:

Urethane outperforms rubber balls and resists friction, heat, UV and chemical damage. Rubber overtime will wear and crack. Although urethane material costs more and requires a longer manufacturing process for our balls, it stands the test of time and gives you a better product.

Unique Features Compared To Other Rope Balls

Responsive Power Rope Balls Simulate Sport Specific Training For Rotational Power

Protected Rope For Product Longevity:

Our rope is threaded through a top cap and protected within a recessed area. This prevents unintentional rope wear during big swinging motions and safely stores the rope ball when not in use. We use a double braid dynamic sailing rope made for harsh environments and use.

Hand Grip And Rope Variety:

Split our rope in two for wide shoulder swinging motions when you want to keep your hands apart. Or tie a knot in the bottom or center of the rope for added hand holds. This gives you the ability to train for sport specific grips such as baseball, hockey, bunting, lacrosse, golf, racquet sports, motocross and tow ropes.

Safer Rebound For Consistent Reps:

Our solid urethane rope balls have superior rebound compared to air filled rope balls. Our rope ball travels in a natural reactive trajectory when bounced off the wall. Air filled balls compress, leaving you with dangerous rope slack which makes you pull the ball towards your body. Si Boards Rope Balls keep constant tension on the rope for a safer rebound away from your body.

Urethane Is A Superior Material:

Urethane outperforms rubber rope balls and resists friction, heat, UV and chemical damage. Rubber overtime will wear and crack. Although urethane material costs more and requires a longer manufacturing process for our rope balls and rope caps, it stands the test of time and gives you a better product.