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Never Replace Your Ball Again! Built To Last and Will Never Give Up!

Welcome to the most unique medicine ball ever made! Our balls resist deformation, friction, wear and breaking. No need for a rebounder trampoline and no need to replace broken balls. Si Boards balls are designed for high rep slams, repetitive rebounding and to last a lifetime.

Solid balls with urethane construction give you a truly exceptional ride. With several sizes to choose from you can be assured you will find the right ball to match your needs.

Exclusive Ball Design


Cast from solid urethane. Urethane is the most superior material to resist friction, wear and tear, cracking, UV breakdown and deforming. Urethane is also odor free and resistance hand oils.

Plyometric For Power And Speed:

Built for high rep slams with superior rebound and 70% bounce return from a static drop. Build your power and reaction speed as it quickly rebounds back into your hands. Slam ball on the ground for at least 200% return.

Metabolic Interval Training:

The superior rebound allows you to keep going and going. Complex moves like cleans, overhead press and squat thrusts makes you continually work big powerful moves for weighted interval training.

Harness Rotational Power and Agility:

Combining complex movements with quick changes of direction is easy, fun and fast paced with our ball.

Train Ambidextrous:

Smaller balls allow you to practice rotational power, stability and grip strength using one hand. Exceptional athletes can coordinate left and right hands.

Smooth Weight Transfer Without Deformation:

The density and solid mass of each ball translates into a smooth ride surface when balancing on our balls. This is the most important factor to having the best balance training system that outperforms the competition.

Warning: Si Boards balls bounce with extreme energy. Children should always be supervised. Do not throw or bounce where people or objects may be damaged. Please follow all safety precautions and guidelines.

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