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James Wilson... the Ninja

James Wilson has always been a ninja, even before he took to the biggest stage- appearing on American Ninja Warrior for the past two seasons. His athleticism and strength have served him well. Whether participating in competitions hosted by other ninjas, completing his Masters degree in Kinesiology/Athletic Training from Miami University, or being a dedicated father to Aiden and Mason, he gives his all.

James loves new challenges. As his commitment to furthering his talents exhausts "traditional" methods of training, he has set out to trying all options. From slacklining (tight rope) to Si-Board-ing on everything that he can, he definitely pushes his limits. He improves with every day, never accepts failure as an option, only as a first attempt to learn something.

"I've been a Certified personal Trainer and group fitness instructor for the last 5 years. I work at several YMCA branches, which allows me to offer versatility to my clients. I'm a graduate of Miami university with a Masters in the science of Kinesiology and Health. I have years of experience working with the special populations at the YMCA as well as clinical experience in one of the most prestigious Athletic Training programs in the country.”

Theo Vargas- Having Fun With His Training

I don’t know what came first, ONNIT then Si Board or Si Board then ONNIT. However, giving credit where credit is due, I learned about Si Board through ONNIT. I would classify myself as a martial artist who previously limited myself to old school bodybuilding style lifting. I never messed with different exercise tools until recently. I had seen and tried other balance boards but thought they were more of a fun gimmick rather than actually useful. I won’t lie, when I saw ONNIT’s promo video for their custom painted Si Board I instantly ordered it. I figured if nothing else at least I would have this badass board in my gym if I decided to never use it.

To my surprise, Si Board had movement options and training exercise uses I hadn’t experienced with other balance boards. I found that the board rode well and the challenge of riding it encouraged me to not only learn to ride it, but to also incorporate it into my workouts. I also challenged my family to learn to ride so we can see who could stay on longer. I found that riding my Si Board helped prep me for snowboarding, improve my core and balance which benefited me with my martial arts training, and also helped with ankle mobility which relieved some of my foot issues.

I can’t say enough about Elysia Tsai. She constantly responds to my questions, helps me expand my fitness knowledge, and encourages the Si Board community to challenge one another. When I need advice on how to use the Si Board or Slamball she responds quickly with routine suggestions that are fun yet beneficial to my personal training regimen.

So why are you still reading this! Place your order and get riding!

Meet Phil... These are his Si Boards... Read his story.

Phil and his Si Boards

I'm 5'-10.5".

I'm training for life. I have two active young children, a healthy spouse, a 100+ year old house, a small plot of land where things just grow and need attention, and I love to contra dance. Staying in shape is simply a must.

My favorite board and ball combo is the Freestyle Original and 6.5" ball. I also enjoy the 8.5" ball with this board as well. I love this board! It's a great fit for me. I'm still working on mastering the 8.5" ball, however, the 6.5" feels great to me now.

The ride is dynamic, physically challenging, and can demand my attention. I'm always surprised at how my legs feel so well worked and so rock steady when I dismount. The feel of riding is exhilarating when you're in the groove. It's the oddest sensation of floating and being firmly planted at the same time. I'm at a point where I can stay up on the ball while talking or doing things other than riding - unless I'm really pushing the board around, then I have to focus!

I've been riding "bongo board" type balance boards (1" x 12" planks on pipes) for many years. A few years ago, my son and I got good enough on them we could pass balls back and forth without much difficulty. I wanted to push things further and imagined riding something like a Si-Board. After a bit of research, I discovered Si-Boards and bought a Creator Kit along with a 5" ball.

I first used a long, band-aid shaped board, but quickly modified that to an ellipse. I got hooked by the feel of the ride quickly and purchased a Kick Start for my daughter with Down Syndrome (to help her with core strengthening). I later added the Turbo Original and Commando with a 6.5" ball. The Turbo Original is a good fit for my 5" tall adolescent son. The Commando demands my attention when I want to push strength training.

I picked up the Freestyle Original for the happy medium between Turbo and Commando (I also added the 8.5" ball). My most recent addition has been some small half-balls to keep me busy at work at my standing desk (I keep a small ellipse shaped board and the half-balls tucked under my desk for ready access when my work-load allows). My kids are not as into the boards as I am, but they do ride them with me at times.

My son really has no idea how good he can be on the boards with little or no practice. My daughter is still shy of riding on the balls, but does enjoy using the half-balls on a band-aid shaped board I made for her (a bit more stable for her than an ellipse). I'll be thrilled when she gets to the point of riding a Si-Board and ball.

In hindsight, I've always been a bit of an odd-ball who never excelled at traditional sports. In high-school, I found a love of strengthening and conditioning through modern dance. By the end of my senior year I was actually in better shape than some of my traditional athlete friends. When I'm riding a Si-Board, I get a sense of great physical challenge, physical grace, and the thrill of moving in ways most people can't begin to comprehend. It's very satisfying to me and gives me the chance to "dance" while getting a good work-out.