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Trick List and Videos for Adventurous Board Sport and Extreme Sport Athletes

360 Spin Start for Rotation Fun

Grab your Si Board and progress through the 360 Spin Start. Perfect for board sport athletes who need to control their body as they spin on the water, snow, surf and air.

Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC takes you through a simple progression. Candid moments with Mando and something called the "Fitness Broom"

Have fun everybody!

Skill progression:

1. 180 jump on the ground
2. 90 degree spin starts and stop for body control
3. 180 degree spin starts
4. Keep the ball centered before starting, swing arms backward, gently lift and let the hips follow. Control the board with gentle weight shifts
5. Start on a padded surface to slow the board down
6. Move to a hard and fast surface such as concrete or gym flooring for a fast start
7. Use our Power Rope Ball to assist your spin
8. Use a broom to push off the ground and stay upright
9. Bailing out by jumping backward off the board when your body is going backward too much
10. Bail out by jumping forward off the board with your body leans too far forward
11. Bail out by sliding to the side

Zig Zag Your Way Across The Room

Elysia Tsai., M.Ed., ATC takes you through this fun Shuffle Board series. These moves are great for overhead athletes, throwers and diving sport moves. Being able to coordinate your hips, trunk and shoulders in close chain stability and synchronized patterns. Perfect for rehab, part of your circuit and a fun challenge with your friends!

Hey everybody, Elysia here from Si Boards. We are going to do the tutorial for the Shuffle Board series. This is one of my favorite moves because it involves zig zagging your board across the room, it is so much fun!

We are going to do a variety of stances for you, push up, bridges and your normal ride so stay tuned because it's going to be fun.

The heart of the Shuffle Board move is to weight transfer from one end to the other, carve a turn and then weight transfer back to the other side, carve a turn and then weight transfer. This is a great advanced skill and I know you're going to have fun so let's get rocking.

0:44 Shuffle Board Ride. Weight transfer, shift, weight transfer, shift and repeat

1:03 Reverse Shuffle Board. The Reverse Shuffle Board is hard because you have to have more weight on the toes, lean forward and walk the board backward. It's very awkward but super fun.

1:22 Tow Rope Pull. I need help from my lovely assistant Mando! The key with this move is to have Mando continuously pull me at the same rate and tension so I can get a little bit of a backward lean and shuffle board forward.

1:50 Broom Push Reverse Shuffle Board. Just to give me a little backward pull. Remember if you don't have a fitness broom you can use Mando's fitness mop. The fitness mop is patent pending- you heard it hear first folks!

2:22 Push Ups. I would suggest first trying this on your knees and work the board forward and backward so you understand the whole range of motion. And then get ready to go to a full push up

2:40 Reverse Shuffle Board Push Up. Walk the board backward while your hands are on the board and feet are on the ground. The scap control is amazing!

2:48 Reverse Push Up. This move is much harder and involves your feet on the board and your hands on the ground. Walk the board forward and your abs and back will be on fire!

3:19 Backward Reverse Push Up. Walk the board backward to your starting position in the zig zag moves.

3:35 Full Bridge/Crab Shuffle. This move is so much fun. I would start out first with your back on the ground and feet on the board. Get used to the motions and get your pelvic stability down. You will feel this in your hamstrings.

4:05 Backward Bridge/Crab Shuffle. Pull board with your posterior chain, maintain a strong thorax extension.

4:25 2 Ball Regression. To take it down a notch, because being on one ball is very difficult you can use two balls under the board. This will keep the board level. It makes all movement easier.

Vintage Video Alert!

2007 and Ryan shows off jaw dropping fun tricks on his Si Board. Ryan was our trick rider and original engineering mind helping us with this crazy balance board idea. We have come a long way since then. Big thanks to Ryan for pushing the limits.

The Helicopter:

Steady yourself next to a counter top and spin yourself round and round. Maintain shoulders and hips in alignment if you have the momentum. Or lean backward toward your spin to increase your momentum.

Mooning The Board:

Pivot or carve the board in quarter, half, or full 360º turns. Try reverse and forward moons.

Rocking The Boat:

Move your hips forward and backward and roll the board in the same direction. The board should rock to the front and back of the rail like on rough waters.

Tipping The Boat Over:

Ride quickly from end to end and stall on the rail. The ball will be under one foot at the very end. Hold on to your position or jump ship.

Single Cheek Plumber's Crack:

Hunker down and get r done! Squat down and grab the board with one hand. You can still hold up your pants with one hand.

Double Cheek Plumber's Crack:

Grab the board with two hands. There is no hope for your pants now! Either tighten up that belt or get a jumpsuit.

Bucking Bronco:

Start with the ball in the middle of the board. Put your feet at the bottom of the board and your hands near the top. Transfer your weight to your hands and ride on all fours. If you can hold for 8 seconds, you're pretty good cowboy!

Pop Shuv-It:

Take your pop shuv-it to the next level. Land the board on our ball and keep your balance. While in the center of the board, jump up and rotate the board 180o degrees at the same time.

Lateral Jump:

Standing narrow at one end of the board with the ball at that end. Jump to the other side of the board. The ball will move toward the center of the board. If you don't jump to the other side of the board it will kick out from underneath your feet. Odds are there is a good chance of a face plant.

Going Crabbin:

Not sure how this trick scampered on out, but it is a lot of fun if you can catch it. While balancing on two balls go onto your hands and feet with your belly facing the board. Scuttle your feet to the middle of the board and keep low. Shift your weight backwards, wrap your hands behind you, and shuffle forward. Alternate picking up each foot and crab walk.

Stinky Foot:

Got foot funk? Want to share it with everybody? Place one foot in the middle of the board and one foot on the end. Drop your butt down and steady the board with one hand. Pick up the foot in the middle of the board and grab it- grab those stinky sweaty toes.

Shuffle Board:

Walking from one end of the cruise ship can be tiring- so shuffle on down. Zig-zag the board and shift your weight using quarter moons. While you are on your right foot reverse quarter moon your left foot and then slide forward until your left foot is over the ball. Then with your weight on your left foot reverse quarter moon your right foot and slide forward. Cruise the boardwalk forward and backward- watch out for the those flying pucks though.

Kick the Habit:

Start on two balls and balance. When you are ready to kick the habit, tilt one end of the board up and moon the board. Rotate at least a Quarter Moon and lift off the old ball. You can now balance on one ball.

Falling Off the Wagon:

While balancing on one ball shuffle over to another ball and get real close. Weight one side of the board and rotate the free side over the new ball. Capture the new ball and you are back to your old habits.

Hot Foot:

You got hot foot and can’t keep your feet on the board? Try this trick while on two balls. Steady yourself, jump up and rotate your body 180º. Land facing the opposite direction. Try landing a 90º, 180º, 270º and 360º sequence on Half-Balls for skill progression.


While on two balls lie on your belly and steady yourself. Push up with your arms and push off with your legs and thighs. Bring your legs underneath you with enough forward momentum to land on the board.

Plank Walking:

Whether you are surfing or on a pirate ship, get your fancy footwork down. While on two balls contract your entire body and legs to really steady yourself. Cross your feet and walk from one end to the other.

Quantum Leap:

This inter-galactic space traveling trick requires a few different types of balance boards. Get your Indo and Vew-Do balance boards in an open area. Once you get your balance on one board leap to the next board.

Worm Hole:

Getting sucked into a Worm Hole takes ultimate skill. Get together with your Si Boarding friends and jump from Si Board to Si Board. Have a friend hold the board level or set the board at an angle towards you. It’s easiest to keep the ball under the center of the board.