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To help all people become active, compete with vigor and age with healthy and strong bodies. We invite you to jump into the next generation of balance training and performance with us.

Core Values

Exceptional Customer Service:

Answering your questions and concerns is important to us. We want you to feel comfortable with the choices you make and confident in Si Boards products. We strive to answer your questions within 24 hours and ship your order the same or next day.

Quality Materials And Fine Details That Matter:

Your investment in our products is not taken for granted. We use the best materials and manufacturing for lasting performance. Small details like routing sharp board edges, durable urethane, cushion foam grip handles and thick steel rails makes for a solid professional grade product line.

Continued Education:

Information that enriches our lives for better health and happiness should not be hard to find or to obtain. We want to create dialogues and share our knowledge. We have an abundance of information, training tips and rehab ideas available to you.

Giving Back To The Community:

As a sports medicine professional, Elysia has a unique perspective to balance training. Seminars for athletes and class presentations for undergraduate Athletic Training students are favorites.

Designed, Assembled and Made In The USA:

We believe in local manufacturing and supporting like minded businesses. We also believe in using the highest quality materials for our products. All of our urethane products are made in California from local suppliers from start to finish. Our board tops are made from the highest quality baltic birch plywood, which is available only in Russia and provided by a local US supplier. Our steel tubing is made on the east coast or mid west where they specialize in steel and finished by our California tube benders who create our unique rails. Our rope manufacture is also local to California. All other supplies are from United States companies. We strongly believe in American workers and this close relationship we have with our vendors allows us to maintain quality control.

Live Life, Laugh When Possible And Love What You Do:

It's pretty simple- we love what we do at Si Boards. We enjoy hearing your stories and learning from you. Thanks for your support and helping us follow our dreams!