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Calling All Creators! Make Your Own Balance Board

We want to inspire the creator in all of us! Si Boards Creator Kits gives you the parts and equipment needed to build your own balance board. Made from hard and durable urethane with adjustable rail extensions 4" in length. With two widths to choose from and adjustable lengths you can grow with your board. Our 3" Mini ball and hardware is included.

In about 30 minutes you can be up and riding your own unique multi-directional balance board!

Exclusive Creator Kit Design

Durable Urethane:

Our rails are made from solid durable urethane that has great resistance to friction breakdown. You can use your kit on rough concrete and be sure it won't wear down after your first ride session.

Expandable Rails:

These kits are perfect for growing kids and skill progression. When you are ready for a longer ride surface, you can expand your rail with 4" or 8" extensions.

Replacement Is Easy:

If you're ready to change your board design or make a new kit, simply take off the existing rail and create your next masterpiece.

Two Widths Give You Variety:

Designed to fit under a skate deck or larger board top for your ride needs.

Wiggle Room For Mistakes:

If you didn't drill the hole perfectly on the mark, the rail has some flexibility for placement. The nut recessed area also has extra room if you don't match up perfectly.

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