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Si Boarders- All I can say is "WOOOOOW" Take a look at these old school and vintage video clips from years ago. I won't try to hide or edit them or make you search through YouTube. Here they are! Historical footage of me being a goof. It was worth a good laugh for the last hour as I put this page together. Enjoy!

Elysia Tsai

4 Weeks Post ACL Reconstruction Cleared for Weight Bearing

How can I get the ACL reconstructed leg with VMO atrophy and forgetful muscular activation to fire up and make the most out of the rehab session? Side placed Half Ball and a variety of stances. Watch here...

5 Months Post ACL Reconstruction and We Getting Back to the Basics

Still using the Si Board for warm-up and activation. Our balls are great for compression squat moves to an overhead stability hold. Awesome for core control for all of us.

Shane Carpenter DPT and Lorenzo Diaz from Board Riders Review Surf Rehab Training

A great afternoon with Shane, a Physical Therapist and Lorenzo as I take them through shoulder stability and back rehab moves. Perfect for these two surfers!

Recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury to Regain Balance

An afternoon with my uncle Dave. After a bicycle accident and a coma his balance is still affected. I use the Ultimate Fitness board to create a small amount of instability to help him regain function.

Core Stability for Your Back Strengthening Exercises

What better way to demonstrate true core stability for your back and spine rehab than with my assistant Phoebe! Si Boarding for everybody. Make sure you coordinate your shoulders and hips with your core stability exercises.

Running Guru and Physical Therapist Jay Dicharry Encourages you to Cross Train

Be a well rounded athlete and runner by adding a variety of cross training exercises. Take it from Jay Dicharry, who literally wrote the book on it!

Daily Living Activities Require Core Control

Watch as I demonstrate all the spinal control needed for daily motions. Picking up laundry, kids, bags and things off the ground. Don't miss the bad infomercial at the end : -)

Add Upper Body Endurance Control with your Balance Training

Move your spine in these 4 directions with your balance training to strengthen your endurance posture holds. It's quite challenging but necessary for your healthy spine.

Combining Upper Body Motions with Your Balance Board Stances

Adding upper body motion with balance training will fast track your rehab. We live and move in all planes of motion so it makes sense to train mimicking these motions.

Challenging You To Train Your Balance On Two Feet

Balance training on one leg is important after an injury. And when you have your strength and function back, it's time to get on two legs and coordinate your split lunge stances. We are constantly weight shifting throughout the day so let's do it on a Si Board.

Shoulder Rotator Cuff Exercises with our Resistance Band System

A fun video from a US Soccer trip to Denmark. Our team doctor was a great sport and let me put him through a shoulder rehab series using our Resistance Band System.