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Testimonials From A Few Si Board Maniacs

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Lorenzo has been riding his Si Board for several years now and has changed his mind.

The Si Board IS the best balance board on the planet!- 2013

General Fitness:

I have been using mine in my kitchen, and my kitchen is small! My overall balance has improved dramatically and rather quickly while my stabilizer muscle strength continues to increase as well. Its fun, challenging and rewarding. Hands down, best balance board on the market.

- TL -

You make it look too easy on your videos but I'm glad it’s challenging. Thanks.
- AR -

I received my boards this morning and absolutely love them! As a personal fitness trainer with over 20,000 hours on the floor with clients, and the proud owner of virtually every single style and design of stability board that there is, I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with both your business and product alike. The attention you put into carefully packaging, and the speed at which you shipped my order, is quite awing. Your attention to detail, in everything from the included instructions/exercises, to the "compare" feature on your website, to the high resolution photos and videos available online, is utmostly appreciated but sadly lacking in many businesses today. After I received your product, I went back to read your story and am compelled to say that personally I am quite glad that you never gave up on Si-Boards. Keep up the good work!!

- David -

Surf Sports:

Elysia the board came as well as all the extensions. I already put it together. I stained it as well as added a couple coats of pre catalyzed lacquer as a finish. I have two other balance boards I have made. I use them to aide in my paddleboard training. I wanted something more challenging so of course bought your kit. I already had made my own version of the GOOF board and have the 24 inch indo board bladder with my own large board to stand on. My neighbor surfs and he just tried what I put together from you and had a tuff time standing on the board. Kit went together quickly I love it thanks for making these available.
- Richard -

The Si Board is definitely the most challenging balance board I've ever tried (and I have four different ones). It's fantastic, and it helped me a lot with my surfing. It is also a very interesting way to improve my leg's strength. I've started with the help of a coach. Literally, my sofa. Leaning on the back of it was the safest way until I had the strength and the ability to balance over the board without any other help then my own legs and cerebellum. Today I can tell you that the Si Board is part of my training regime. I use to include it as part of my circuit training (I also am an age group triathlete). But the most fantastic thing is to grow in the control of the board. Getting to the point where you can stay on the top of it for a long period of time without falling, until your legs start to burn, is a fantastic feeling, specially because you can become more familiar with the board and more trained, but the challenge is always there. In other words, to balance on the board becomes easier with practice and time, but it's never so easy that you don't feel a call to improve. Thanks a lot, and congratulations for your invention.

- Mauricio -

I can't tell you how excited I am to try your products. I got an Indo Board earlier this year and am ready for something more challenging. I found you on youtube, while looking for indoor surf training. I want you to know that I took notes on about 8 different products. As soon as I found yours I was sold.
- R -

I've mastered the indo board, but not focused enough energy on the si-board. I have a little, and you'll be pleased to know it has transformed my wakesurfing from the point where I couldn't do it, to the point where I can do it easily.

- Chris -

Since I have been balancing on a ball, my backside is almost as strong as my frontside. I can turn either way without crapping out on the bottom, and I don't have any problems making hard cutbacks. I'm much stronger at making turbulent whitewater sections, and that only means a longer ride.

- S. Mays -

I haven't spent much time on it yet because I got swamped with work just after I talked to you last but my kids are tearing it up on your board. It's a lot tougher than we thought it would be but that makes it even more addicting. Can't wait to get some free time so I can take them out in the surf to see the balance training rewards.
- DK -

Everything arrived and in great order. I found it to be pretty challenging as expected and am having more and more fun as I am beginning to get a little more acquainted with the concept of balance on it.
- ZM -

I definitely was stoked when I did do a popup on the 5"/6.5" ball on the regular surfboard, sadly that all has to be rebuilt again, but I am getting back into the rhythm using the mini board/balls while traveling and the regular surfboard when I am at home (if I am not out actually surfing hahaha).
- CA -


The board has been amazing! I use it almost every day, and I've gotten pretty good at it. I still ride it mostly on carpet, since I don't really have a place in my apt. that is large enough without carpet. I've mastered all sorts of grabs and squats and can "quarter-moon" the board. I'm close to getting the helicopter. I can't wait for snowboarding season to start up again!!!! I've been doing an olympic weightlifting program at the gym recently, and the board has been really helping my knee and ankle stability, especially in the deep squats. It's so much fun to ride, and I love that I can do it while I'm watching my favorite shows! (ha!) Thanks again!
- Ariana -

I ride the Si-board every day. As a Dad, professional Snowboard Instructor, Financial Representative, Wake boarder, Skateboarder, sometimes it is hard to find time to keep my training at peak levels for my favorite board sports. The Si-board allows me to regularly activate all the muscle groups that I use regularly on the mountain or at the lake or just pumping the bowls at the local skate park. With the Si-boards full range of motion it forces me to keep a balanced athletic stance. My family and friends laugh at how big my travel bags are because I take the board with me every time I travel. I was in a expert level training class with a group of Professionals that are on Snowboards 5 or 6 days per week. I am only on the mountain 1 or 2 days per week. The coach of the clinic told me I was blowing the other instructors away. I completely credit the Si-board for keeping my balance and stabilizer muscles stretched and ready to activate. The coach told others how well I was doing. He thought they were just tired. I know that it is the Si-board. I love the SI-board it is so much fun and a great way to stay sharp for any board sport.

-Jeffry Gelder Lewis of Lewis Financial Group-

60 Years Young:

Hi Elysia. Just thought I'd let you know how much I'm enjoying the board, now that I've had it for a few weeks. You were right--it took about 2 weeks working with a 5" ball to get my legs (and brain) up to speed. Now I'm using just the one 6.5" ball and can stay up for quite a while. At 60 years old, my legs and balance are better than they have ever been in my life, and I think I'm ready for those surfing lessons. I was a little worried about my knees when I started using your board, as they have been a weak link for me for many years, and I had to quit playing racquetball because it was too much stress for them. After 3 weeks on the Si-klone they feel stronger and more stable in all directions, hell, even my toes feel stronger now!!! Use this as a testimonial if you like. I have tried other kinds of balance boards out there, and yours is way way better for fun and superior exercise results. all the best,
- David -

Solid Balls:

The 10" ball is a most wonderful object.
- AN -

The balls are pretty awesome. I use them all the time for balance exercises. The 6.5" is quite versatile,
- MR -

I received the balls today and have already used them. I like them a lot. The weights are perfect for their sizes, and the amount of bounce for each ball is exactly where you want it to be. The yellow ball is really easy to see at night at the location I use them. If they hold up as well as you have said, they were a good investment. You have been absolutely great to spend all the time you have with me and for all the information you have passed along. No wonder you're so busy. It's obvious that you really care tremendously about your company and especially your customers. I will let you know the status of my shoulder rehabilitation in a couple of months. Thank you again for everything
- MC -

Hello! Thank you for the shipment and also for the small ball. Both are simply fantastic. It is almost unbelievable how challenging can a balance board be with solid balls. Inflatable balls do not come close to such performance. This is definitely a completely higher level of developing balance and proprioception. Thank you once again.

- Harijs -

Kids with Down Syndrome:

Thanks again for creating Si-boards. The kids are enjoying them. Kid's with DS (Down Syndrome) really benefit from core strengthening. Because having DS usually means low muscle tone, core strength will help her gain much more confidence in her physical ability to master her world. This will help her tremendously in school in many, many ways - ways those of us who are able-bodied take for granted. If you haven't already, I'd encourage you to explore how Si-boards might be utilized in PT, OT, and RT interventions

- PGE -

Core Strength:

Hello Elysia, I thank you for your reply and effort to get my si board over here. I really like the board and am getting used to riding it. So far it has been a great experience and it is a challenge to balance for me, especially because I have a problem with my sciatic nerve because of a prolaps in my L5/S1 disc area. I already worked with the Indo board, but this SI board works on every area of your core muscles, so in theory it is a great innovation! Cheers!

I have now had a couple of chances to test the boards and they are a lot of fun :) I got off to a good start with the freestyle board and the smaller ball on a soft'ish carpet. With good starts I get nice rides with that combination.
- PL -

I got up there OK, but I was so twitchy, even quakey. I shook like a leaf. I dumped most of the time with the board sliding back off the ball, leaving my toes pointed upward. It's a lot work. I'm excited to work at it more, but after just thirty minutes my knees are asking, What is it that we're doing here? I can feel them now, a bit thrashed, standing here as I write this email. As you have written so often, the Si-Board is a workout if nothing else!


The boys and their friends all love the boards. I am not sure if they have left the living room yet. They all stand on them when gathered in the same room. When my son comes over he shows them new ways to configure the ½ ball and large ball to make it like surfing. Thank you so much for the quality product.
- DH -

We really like how it teaches the skills of focus and concentration as well as all the other great physical benefits with improved balance we will be receiving along the way
- DB -