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Common Questions About Our Balance Boards, Medicine Balls And Power Rope Balls

Why Is My Si Board Warped?

If you place the board top of all Original Boards on the ground you would see the middle does not touch the floor. The ends of all Original boards are curved upward with a continuous rocker for several reasons. Your hips and shoulders are a ball and socket joint and they swing in an arc motion. Using a board that simulates this arc feels more natural compared to a flat board. The continuous rocker also transfers your momentum better, faster and is a whole lot more fun! The Original Boards feature about a 1/2 inch curvature which is perfect to get you moving quickly from end to end quickly.

Why Are There Weight Limits?

Starter Boards and the Ultimate Fitness Board have a 220 pound/100 kg limit because they do not have a steel rail to reinforce the board top. The small surface area and hardness of the ball or half ball creates a sharp pivot point compared to a roller. We want to ensure you have a board that does not excessively flex due to your weight. Original models have a steel rail to reinforce the board and are suited for heavier users within 400 pounds/181 kg.

Where Are Si Boards Made?

All Si Boards products and supplies are designed and assembled in California, USA. We make every effort to use local suppliers and manufacturers for our materials. For our Boards, we use the highest quality baltic birch plywood, which is available only in Russia and provided by a local US supplier. We are located in Southern California and believe in keeping it local for quality control and reduced shipping costs. Our boards, rails, balls, creator kits, resistance band system and shipping boxes are manufactured in Orange County, California. A few small items come from out of state. We are doing our small part to help the US economy and support American workers.

How Are Si Boards Balance Boards Made?

Si Boards have always been handcrafted by skilled artisans with decades of woodworking experience. Our Birch plywood comes in a big sheet and looked over carefully for any imperfections. It takes two guys handle each sheet as it is cut on the table saw. The board shape is then traced, rough cut, shaped, drilled, routed and sanded by hand.This allows them to keep an eye on fine wood details. The board tops are finished by hand with a rolled base coat, logo silkscreen and grip coated. With proper prep, dry and cure times between the finishing steps it can take several days on the drying rack before assembly.

How Are The Steel Rails Made?

Our rails start as 20' foot pipe manufactured in Pennsylvania, USA. They come to our precision tube benders to be cut, bent on a machine and fit within the jig. The rest is skilled hand work by welding the seem, grinding and blending the weld line flush. The heat from the welding process can warp the rail. The rail is then flattened by hand by placing it between two table tops and slowly bending, adjusting and checking for flatness over and over again until flush. It is amazing to see the guys handle the large and heavy rails with so much manual labor. They certainly are fit!

How Are The Urethane Balls And Rails Made?

Creating urethane products is a science all in its own. Changes in weather, chemical mix, pour speed, mold temperature and product weight are all connected. Our urethane manufacturer has taken on the challenge of making our balls in a close mold system- which most would say is nearly impossible for our large parts. Over time they figured out the 10" ball mold had to heat for 6 hours before it was ready, pour at a precise angle for 15 minutes, cure in the mold for another 20 minutes and then cure on the drying rack for at least 24 hours. All of this fuss for one perfect super bouncy unbreakable 10" ball- and it is all worth it! The smaller balls are just as complicated to get perfect and I am so happy to have the expertise of our urethane company.

What Is With The Si Boards Price Tag?

We will not sacrifice product quality, manufacturing shortcuts or supply standards for a cheaper price. If you purchase our products we want you to use it, abuse it and not lose it. We use top materials with several unique features requiring lots of handcrafted processes for production. It is frustrating to purchase products that break or do not hold up to your expectations. Our economical Starter Boards are made with the same quality and pride at half the price. Creator Kits are another alternative to design your own unique board. We do our best to offer you products that fit your budget and maintain our high standard of quality.

Is That A Giant Super Bouncy Ball?

Simply put- yes! Our balls are cast as one solid piece and made from durable urethane that resists friction, oils, UV, cracking or breaking down. This superior material out performs rubber, plastic, vinyl and wood. We searched for 3 years to find a suitable ball and when nothing was available we decided to make our own. Our balls resist warping, deflating, bursting, and becoming ineffective. You will not need to replace your ball ever.

Why Are The Balls Heavy?

Our balls are made from solid urethane. No air, gel, sand or other fillers are in the middle. The weight of the ball transfers your momentum with ease and makes your ride smooth. An un-weighted ball feels jerky and slows you down like speed bumps. With each increase in size there is an increase in weight. To truly ride a Si Board like your sport board you need a solid ball that resists deformation.

What Is A Half Ball?

Half Balls are flat on one side and curved on the other. They allow the board to tilt and wobble without rolling. A great way to progress sport skills on an unstable surface before trying on a ball. Half Balls can be used under any surface and lets you design your own training. Our larger Half Balls feature a recessed area on the flat side. This allows you to place a ball inside of the Half Ball and create an advanced and very unstable/unpredictable pivot point. This added feature allows you to combine your board accessories and keep progressing in skill.

What Is A Creator Kit?

We packaged the urethane rails into a Do It Yourself Kit. We provide the rail, ball and hardware for those who want to design their own balance board. A perfect project for the adventurous and creative. We want everybody to jump on board with balance training.

Do You Offer The Original Board Steel Rails For Sale?

At this time we do not offer the steel rails, urethane blocks and hardware for individual sale. We offer the Starter Board urethane rail kits as DYI Creator Kits. You can create a multi-direction balance board using these expandable rails.

Do You Offer Custom Colors Or Orders?

Being a small company with local suppliers and manufacturing we are able to offer a specialized and one of a kind product line. The beauty of urethane is that it comes in a variety of colors. We can create custom colors for the balls, rail blocks and Creator Kits. We can also customize a board top for you or powder coat the rail in a special color. Give us a call for more information.

I Have Hard Floors, What Type Of Mat Do You Recommend?

We recommend carpet, rubber matting or interlocking foam squares. Thin rubber mats will work but may start to lift up under the ball. An area rug, outdoor turf and rubber gym floor are great also. The thicker the material the slower the ride.

Do You Have Training Protocols?

Many have asked if we have standard protocols for rehab or training programs. We have not created a generalized 90 day plan or standardized rehab program for several reasons. No two athletes are alike or have the exact same rehab needs. What might be right for somebody else might not be right for you. A common program may end up created muscle imbalances or chronic problems. We created the mobile app, posters and videos with common themes and guided instruction for the vast exercises available. You can pick from those themes and create your program and explore new exercises. If you have specific questions I am always available to help you with suggested exercises and ideas. Contact us and we will get you started.

Do You Charge Extra For Posters Or The Mobile App?

We do not charge anything for our instructional materials, posters or mobile app. As a sports medicine professional, Elysia has dedicated her career to assisting acute injury, helping injured athletes recover and return to play. It is our core value to provide helpful information free of charge or exclusive membership. While others have encouraged .99 cent downloads and extra fees, Elysia has politely ignored those suggestions. We at Si Boards believe your investment in our products should include instruction and the inspiration to take charge of your health.

Do Si Boards Have A Warranty?

Si Boards products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects and flaws. This does not include minor dings and dents due to riding or damage caused by using the board for anything other than its intended purpose. All Original, Starter and Ultimate Fitness boards, Creator Kits and Resistance Band Systems have a 1 year limited warranty. All Balls and Half Balls have a 5 year limited warranty. Please contact us for warranty information.

Do You Offer Discounts or Coupon Codes?

We give all customers the same great value and price all year long. We don't like the disappointing feeling of purchasing something and then finding it on sale the following week. You don't have to wait for sales or feel like you are missing out on a discount. Rather than increasing prices to cover sales margins, we thought it be best to keep the same affordable price year round.

Can I Try A Si Board Before Purchase?

If you are in the Southern California area, we can make arrangements for a demo session. Please contact us for more information. Send us an email at [email protected] or call Elysia at 714-809-5109

Are Si Boards Patented And Trademarked?

Yes. Si Boards US Patent number is #7,357,767. Si Boards is a registered trademark.