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3" INCH ROPE BALL GRIP| For Large Hands, Grip Strength & Unique 2 Hand Holds
Si Boards 3 inch power rope ball grip

3" Power Rope Ball Grip
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs
  • Perfect for large hands
  • Helps you avoid excessive grip on the rope
  • Cradle the Rope Grip in your open hand
  • Use a two handed finger lock grip
  • Increase grip strength
  • Great for a sledgehammer drill and split hand training
  • Suggested to keep on the rope continuously vs taking it on and off

Our Price: $25.00

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Product Code: PRB300

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Get A Grip:

3" Power Rope Ball Grip is a perfect addition for large hands and training variety. Those with large hands may feel like they are gripping the rope too tightly and stressing their forearms. This allows you to keep an open hand and relaxed forearm during certain parts of the slam and rebound. Or you can go all out and strengthen your grip by completing your reps while firmly holding onto this rope grip.

Hand Hold Training Variety:

We like variety and training for your specific needs! Si Boards use their Rope Grips in many ways. One way is to place it at the very end of the rope and interlace your fingers around the grip. You can swing your Power Rope Ball around like an Olympic hammer thrower. Some users split the rope and place a Rope Grip at the end of each rope. Then they swing the rope ball around using a split hand position. Other users place it in the middle of the rope and use it like a sledgehammer hold with one hand at the bottom and one hand in the middle. What ever your needs are- ask us and we can help you find the right set-up.

Elysia's Tips:

I keep my 3" Power Rope Ball grip on my 6.5" Power Rope Ball in the middle of the rope. I avoid taking it on and off to save time. I use this Rope Ball for sledge hammer simulated training where one hand stays in the middle of the rope and the other hand at the end. I like to cradle the Rope Grip and use the palm of my hand for the next repetition. With all the work I do at Si Boards requiring constant grip strength, it's important for me to balance out my training and not over-stress my grip all the time. This gives me the option to keep my hand relaxed and a relaxed forearm. It is one of my favorite additions.

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