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8.5" INCH ROPE BALL | Large | 12.5 lbs / 5.7 kg | Max Strength & Core Control
Si Boards 8.5 inch Large Rope Ball

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8.5" Large Rope Ball

  • Ball Diameter: 8.5" Large
  • Weight: 12.5 lbs / 5.68 kg
  • Large size for powerful reps
  • Perfect for: making each movement fully engaged, body extension and reaction control
  • Full body activation to slam and repeat
  • Heavier weight requires great core control on rebounds
  • Great for intermediate and advanced users
  • Short rope length: 42" / 1 m (black rope cap)
  • Medium rope length: 51" / 1.3 m (red rope cap)
  • Long rope length: 60" / 1.5 m (blue rope cap)

Our Price: $450.00

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Product Code: PRB850

Rope Length:

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The Perfect Rope Ball Designed for Power and Durability
Powerhouse Strength:

8.5" Large Rope Ball will take your strength to the next level. Harness the strength of every muscle fiber into one powerful contraction and make each rep noteworthy. This rope ball is for users needing to hit the next benchmark and produce powerhouse feats of strength.

Get A Grip:

You'll be able to slow down your reps and control ball momentum with your grip strength. Easily hand exchange with rotations around the body or against the wall to simulate grip strength sports that need your full body control. Simulate tow ropes, motorsports and flying over pull up bars when you need to react to the unexpected terrain trying to pull you off balance.

Breaking Down The Walls:

Pounding this Rope Ball against the wall is no easy task and it's time to step up and show the world what you're made of. Each rep requires full body control and will tire you out quickly. Master these moves and make the last powerful rep as great as the first. The strong rebound will force you to compress and then quickly explode with stability. It's perfect for for dynamic sports such as basketball rebounding, football linemen and jumping sports.

Elysia's Notes:

The concrete playground booms when I am pounding this ball. So fun to slow down my reps and make each one powerful. The intense rebound requires me to have so much body control and a solid footing. I love the sledgehammer slam with the quick overhead rebound to decompress and reverse my compressed squat. The split hand training is also my favorite set of moves as I control unique rotations from the heavy weight.

Getting The Most of Our Superior Rebound:

Our Power Rope Balls rebound unlike any other and creates tremendous reaction energy. The harder you slam against the wall the greater the fast rebound and eccentric muscle control with shoulder stability needed. To properly bounce against the wall you need full range of motion and to get your hand inches from the wall. Limited range prevents the middle of the ball from hitting the wall and a direct opposite rebound vs hitting the top of the ball.

Get The Right Rope Length For Your Needs and Skill Level:

The longer the rope the farther the weight is from your body. This creates greater force on your joints and can be difficult to control for beginners. A shorter rope may be a better starting point for beginners and those learning shoulder control. Longer ropes give you the ability to slam the Rope Balls on the ground and have more body clearance on the rebound.

How To Measure:

A general rule is to have the rope end at the inside of your elbow crease. This allows you to have ground clearance if doing big shoulder swings. You will have enough rope length for extra grip knots and hand wraps. Measure from the ground to the inside of your elbow. Advanced users may want a longer rope for added hand wraps or behind the back swings.

User Height Suggestions:
  1. Up to 5'4" / 1.6 m: Suggested Short Rope Length
  2. 5'4" / 1.6 m to 6' / 1.8 m: Suggested Medium Rope Length
  3. Over 6' / 1.8 m: Suggested Long Rope Length
Rope Lengths:
  1. Short Rope: 42" / 1 m
  2. Medium Rope: 51 / 1.3 m
  3. Long Rope: 60" / 1.5 m
Power Rope Ball Product Information Video
Download Our Power Rope Ball Instructions: Click Here

Si Boards Power Rope Ball Instructions

Download Our 68 Page Information Packet That Comes With All Orders: Click Here

Si Boards Information Packet For All Orders


Check this out! Afternoon pump from Andrew who gives us an awesome comparison and testimony on our Rope Balls. Big time thanks! #Repost @fitnessbyandrewllc with @repostapp. ・・・ A while ago I got a post from someone that asked me why I liked the @siboards rope balls instead of some of the other rope balls that are out there. So I thought I would show a quick comparison between a @siboards 12.5lb rope ball and a 10lb PowerSystems rope ball. To be clear I do like them both....but the @siboards ball is a SOLID ball and its rebound forces you to stay engaged and it allows you to work concentrically and eccentrically, in other words you will feel the slam but you will still be working against the rebound, you will simply WORK HARDER. With a hollow rope ball you will have to accelerate on the slam, however it's bounce does not force you to stay engaged. The hollow ball will at some point crack or break, and we abuse these @siboards boards and they seem indestructible. • • • #siboards #powerropeball #tornadoball #slamball #medball #coretraining #corecontrol #sportsperformance #sportsmedicine #athletictraining #fitnessequipment #shoutouts #bigthanks #surffitness #mmatraining #shoulderrehab #crosstraining #roguefitness #footballtraining #gymtime

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A video posted by Si Boards, Inc (@siboards) on

A video posted by Si Boards, Inc (@siboards) on

A video posted by Si Boards, Inc (@siboards) on

A video posted by Si Boards, Inc (@siboards) on

A video posted by Si Boards, Inc (@siboards) on

A video posted by Si Boards, Inc (@siboards) on

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