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Warning: Si Boards balls bounce with extreme energy and pick up speed on the second bounce. Take caution in throwing and catching Si Board balls. Children should always be supervised. Throw on a solid surface. Do not throw where people or property may get damaged. Follow all safety precautions and guidelines.

The first time you use a Si-Boards ball you should familiarize yourself with the bounce and feel. The balls rebound with speed and energy unlike any other ball. Beginners and first time users may be caught off guard and unprepared to catch the ball. The solidness of the balls may cause injury.

Do not bend over the ball and slam. Keep your focus on the ball as it rebounds back to you. Always stay agile and able to move out of the path of the ball if needed.

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How To Bounce And Catch A Si Boards Medicine Ball:

Step 1:

Hold the ball away from your body at arms length and drop it on the ground. The ball should return about 70% of the drop height.

Step 2:

Allow the ball to bounce back to you and catch with open soft hands. Repeat until you are comfortable with the amount of return and the feel of the ball. Gradually bounce and throw harder.

Step 3:

To properly catch a ball, make a diamond with your hands. Cup the top of the ball rather than catching the sides of the ball. This will prevent the ball from slipping between your hands.

Step 4:

After you throw, keep your arms extended with open soft hands in diamond formation.

Step 5:

Soften the ball rebound by meeting the ball with your hands and slowly guiding it toward you. Then extend your arms and throw again.

Step 6:

The harder you bounce the ball the faster it will return and may become difficult to catch. Keep your face away from the return path of the ball. Always slam the ball at arms length.

Step 7:

When catching a ball overhead, leave your free hand in the air for protection and to assist the catch if needed.

Step 8:

When catching a ball dropping from the air, keep your hands in front of your face for protection. Catch the ball in front of your chest and soften the momentum.

Step 9:

When catching a fast moving ball coming directly at your body, catch to the side of your body. Keep your hands open and arms extended to gently soften the ball momentum.