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Precautions And Care

Warning: Si Boards balls bounce with extreme energy and pick up speed on the second bounce. Take caution in throwing and catching Si Board balls. Children should always be supervised. Throw on a solid surface. Do not throw where people or property may get damaged. Follow all safety precautions and guidelines.


  • Si-Boards balls have superior bounce and are not intended as toys.
  • The balls are intended as training devices for sports and fitness.
  • Children should always be supervised.
  • Bounce the balls on a solid surface such as concrete. Avoid loose gravel and jagged brick or rock walls.
  • Do not throw the balls against walls made from drywall, plaster, glass or other fragile material.
  • Do not throw or bounce where people or property may be damaged.
  • Do not take your focus off the ball. Keep your focus on the ball to avoid injury.
  • Do not throw and catch in positions where you may get injured.These include throwing and catching the ball directly in front of your face.
  • If throwing against a solid wall, it is advised to check your surroundings. If you fail to catch the ball it will continue to roll and bounce beyond you.
  • The balls are sold urethane and do not give like an air or gel filled ball.
  • These balls may be more difficult to catch. Always catch with open hands and ready to receive the ball.
  • Keep your hands close enough to prevent the ball from bouncing through your hands.

Care and Maintenance:

  • When you first receive your ball, the texture may feel slippery. This is the silicone mold release used during manufacturing. You can wash the mold release off.
  • Once the silicone is removed the balls will not look shin and will have a naturally tacky feel that is easy to grip.
  • Check your ball for any damage, cracks or splits. A damaged ball should not be used. Minor scuff marks are ok.
  • Do not store your ball in oils, solvents or extreme temperatures.