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The Fine Details

We put a lot of attention into the fine details. Our balance boards are 100% handmade with pride to ensure you have the highest quality products in your hands. We want you to have the confidence to our products for a lifetime and feel the value under your feet. Made in the USA for durability and quality. Here’s a closer look.

Wood Selection:

  • High grade Baltic birch plywood for strength, performance and durability.
  • Original models feature a 1/2" 9 ply board top.
  • Starter Models and Ultimate Fitness Board have a 5/8" 12 ply board top.

Board Shapes:

  • Elliptical (egg) shaped boards allows easy turning on the ends compared to rectangular.
  • Surf models feature a pointed nose and wide tail creating fast and light turning on the nose with a stable tail.
  • Powder models feature stable ends with a fast movement through the middle.

Continuous Rocker vs Flat Board:

  • All Original boards have a 1/2" continuous rocker along the length of the board.
    • Faster ride from end to end and transfers momentum with ease.
    • Lets your hip move in a more natural pendulum motion.
  • All Starter boards have a flat surface.

Large Range Of Board Sizes:

  • Riders of all heights can find the board that fits their size and skill level.
  • Allow functional squat, lunges, three point, four point stances for tall users.
  • Easily work your upper, core and full body.

Surface Treatments:

  • Non-toxic, water based sanding sealers and finish with special grip particles for traction.
  • Top surface has 2 layers of traction. The bottom has 1 layer of traction. All edges have a layer of traction for board consistency and grip.
  • All edges are routed and sanded for comfort during handling.

Rail Blocks:

  • Sturdy and strong urethane rail blocks secure our steel rail on all Original models.
  • Heightens the rail 2" to safely contain the ball when slamming or carving turns against the rail.
  • Designed to absorb the force of the rail when it hits the ground.
  • Grab the board edge without fear of getting your fingers caught or smashed by the ball.

Unique Rail System:

  • Designed to safely contain the ball and half ball under the board.
  • Rounded rectangle shape gives ample ride space under the length of the board.
  • Large rails allow the use of two balls or half balls under the board.

Steel Rail:

  • Original boards feature a thick 0.065 wall steel rail for board strength.
  • Allows you to safely slam the ball into the rail without slipping over the rail.
  • Built as one unit (not pieced together) and finished with a durable powder coat.
  • Easily carry by the rail, hang for storage and attach resistance bands.
  • Three sizes include:
    • Small 18.5" x 11.5" x .75"
    • Medium 28" x 14" x 1"
    • Large 36" x 14" x 1"

Urethane Rail:
  • Starter Boards feature a solid 1"high urethane rail secured directly to the board.
  • Adjustable length allows you to expand the rail with 4" extensions as you grow in skill and height.
  • Durable to hold up to riding on rough concrete compared to plastic.
  • Two sizes include:
    • Skate 16.25” or 12.25” x 6.25”
    • Starter 20” or 16” x 9.5”

Board To Rail Ratio:

  • Rail is smaller than the total board dimensions.
  • At least 4" is left on board ends to allow safe foot placement.
  • The width of the rail allows safer stopping when going forward or backward.