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COMMANDO BASIC | Large Board / Large Rail Classic | Original | 45" x 19" | 4 in 1 Options
Si Boards Commando board

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  • Large Industrial Size
  • Size: 45" x 19"
  • Skill level: Experienced
  • Riders: 5'4" and taller
  • Ride Stance: 36" - 43"
  • Best for tall and strong riders
  • Most versatile for full body exercises
  • Very demanding on leg strength
  • 6.5" Medium Ball and 8.5" Half Ball
Our Price: $710.00

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Product Code: BBHB456585

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Take Charge And Lead The Way:

The Commando balance board is large and strong just like you. Take charge of every situation and hone in on your skill set. Designed for the tall user who can unleash an athletic and powerful commanding force. Utilizing the full potential of this board and mastering heavy duty exercises will rank you at elite status. This is the most versatile balance board for full body training, exercise variety and extreme range of motion.

Elite Status Training:

This Large size balance board is not for the weak or timid. Requiring a wide stance for smaller riders fires up gnarly muscle activation and control. Very tall riders finally have a board that fits their natural stance and allows functional training. Upper body moves are comfortable and give you an infinite range of positions. With a large rail space there is plenty of room for 2 Balls or Half Balls for full body moves.

Balance On These:

The Commando Original features a steel rail system that allows you to create 16 different types of boards. A perfect balance board for learning skill progression. Create your own unique combo that suits your needs. Add Balls and Half Balls for your training. Features a steel rail system you can attach Resistance Bands to expand your exercise routine.

5" Medium Balls: These Balls are the best size for beginners and getting used to the large riding surface. You will have enough space to ride and carve turns without grounding the board. You will eventually want to progress to a larger ball size if you have mastered the 6.5" Ball.

8.5" Half Balls:
This size Half Ball is the best size for the Large Commando Board. Use one for a wobble board tilting in all directions. Use two and create a rocker board for basic movement. Half balls allow you to progress from the basics of balance or multi-task in complex motions as you progress. Use a 5" Small Ball and 8.5" Half Ball for the Single Pivot, Thrasher and Rock and Roll combos. Use a 6.5" Medium Ball and 8.5" Half Ball for the Big Drop combo.

Get Started Here: The Commando Basic Package is perfect for getting started with balance training. You can create 4 different unique board types by combining Balls and Half Balls. When you are ready to progress your skills you can always add more Balls, Half Balls and Resistance Bands to your balance board.

Elysia's Notes:

My absolute favorite balance board for total leg domination with the 8.5" Large Ball. I am on fire after a few minutes and then I hold that deep and wide squat to wake up my entire body. I love the huge range of motion and ride area of this board. The push-up sequence gives me so much shoulder motion and really activates my spinal control. My favorite board size for full body training with Resistance Bands and positions with my hands and feet on the board.

Balance Board Progression From Beginner To Advanced:

Basic Combos:
  1. Rocker Board: 2 Half Balls
  2. Wobble Board: 1 Half Ball
  3. Single Pivot Board: 1 Half Ball and 1 Ball
  4. Double Pivot Board: 2 Balls
  5. Multi-Direction Board: 1 Ball
Specialty Combos:
  1. Rock and Roll: 5" Small Ball rolling inside a 8.5" Half Ball at each end
  2. Thrasher: 5" Small Ball rolling inside 8.5" Half Ball
  3. Big Drop: 6.5" Medium Ball fixed tight inside 8.5" Half Ball
Add the Resistance Bands to any combo for 16 different systems

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