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Half Balls Create Unique Wobble Boards and Rocker Boards

Buyer Guide

Start your balance off with a Half Ball. If the ball is too extreme for you due to an injury, learning new moves, or you just want to practice some skills on a more stable board, then check these out. Common things to consider are below.

Half Ball Recommendations:

3" Half Ball Mini:

  • Kick Start board and for small toddlers
  • Skate Creator Kit

5" Half Ball Small:

  • Beginner level for all Starter boards
  • Starter Creator Kit
  • Not recommended for any Original boards
  • Beginner level for Ultimate Fitness board

6.5" Half Ball Medium:

  • Advanced level for all Starter boards
  • Advanced level for Turbo and Powder Original boards
  • Beginner level for Freestyle and Surf Original boards
  • Not recommended for Commando
  • Advanced level for Ultimate Fitness board

8.5" Half Ball Large:

  • Not recommended for Turbo Starter and Turbo Original
  • Very advanced for Freestyle and Surf Starter boards
  • Advanced level for Freestyle and Surf Original boards
  • Recommended for the Commando
  • Very advanced for Ultimate Fitness

Half Ball Height And Size:

  • Larger half balls have greater range of motion compared to smaller half balls
  • Greater range of motion of the ankle is needed for larger half balls
  • Smaller half balls keep you closer to the ground and are recommended for beginners

Board Size And Half Ball Ratio:

  • A larger board with a smaller half ball will have less tilt and challenge
  • A large board and larger half ball has greater tilt, requires more range of motion and is more challenging
  • A small board with a large half ball will have an extreme tilt and is considered advanced or very advanced

Rail Height And Tilt:

  • A taller rail decreases the amount of tilt available before the board contacts the ground
  • Original boards will need a larger half ball due to the taller rail
  • Starter boards can use smaller half balls to get advanced tilt

Skill Progression:

  • Rocker board:
    • Beginning skills to limit movement while learning balance or new exercise
    • Created with 2 half balls
    • Board tilts in two directions only of side to side or forward and backward
  • Wobble board:
    • Intermediate and advanced exercises while progressing in skill
    • Created with 1 half ball
    • Board tilts in all directions forward, backward, side to side and twisting
  • Half ball size:
    • Beginners should start with a smaller half ball and progress to a larger half ball

Half Ball Placement:

  • Center of the board:
    • Allows an equal weight distribution
    • Easiest stance for beginners
  • End of the board:
    • Focuses balance training under one foot/hand
    • Progression from center placement
  • Diagonal at each end of the board:
    • Combines forward/backward and side to side tilting
    • Allows one plane of movement in a diagonal combination