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Safely Use Half Balls For Your Wobble Board and Rocker Board


  • Si-Boards Half Balls are intended as training devices for sports and fitness and not as toys.
  • Children should always be supervised.
  • The half ball may be used on the curved side or the flat side.
  • Always place the half ball on a non-slip surface such as a rubber mat or carpet.
  • The half balls are made from solid urethane and may cause injury or damage if thrown.
  • Do not leave the half ball where somebody might trip over it.

Care And Maintenance:

  • When you first receive your ball, the texture may feel slippery. This is the silicone mold release used during manufacturing. You can wash the mold release off.
  • Check your half ball for any damage, cracks or splits. A damaged half ball should not be used. Minor scuff marks are ok.
  • Do not store your ball in oils, solvents or extreme temperatures.