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Tech Specs Of Rope Balls

Si Boards Rope Balls are our superior rebound medicine ball at the end of a rope. Used for swinging and slamming motions to develop rotational power and core control.

Urethane Material:
  • Solid urethane with no air, gel or sand filling to break open.
  • Exceptional resistance to friction, oils, solvents, UV, extreme temperatures and is odor free.
  • Higher strength and durability compared to rubber, plastic or vinyl.
Ball Construction:
  • Made as one complete unit and avoids seams or piecing together.
  • 2" Center hole is molded during the manufacturing process.
  • Ball size and hardness are the same as our medicine balls.
Ball Texture:
  • Slight tacky feel with grip bumps for texture.
Ball Hardness:
  • Very stiff with slight flexibility.
  • Best described as the hardness of a lacrosse ball.
  • Not as hard or slick as a bowling ball.
Rope Construction:
  • 7/16" dynamic sailing rope.
  • 36" inches of rope available at end of the ball.
  • Rope has some stretch and flexibility when used.
  • Softer and more flexible than a static climbing rope.
  • 2" Adhesive shrink tubing on the rope ends prevents fraying.
  • Rope can be untied at the ends.
Top Rope Cap Construction:
  • Solid urethane mushroom shaped cap
  • Recessed area protects the top rope from ground contact
  • Cap is secured into the ball
  • Rope is threaded into the cap
Bottom Rope Cap Construction:
  • Solid urethane top hat shaped cap
  • Central hole for both rope ends to pass through
  • Cap is secured into the ball
  • Cap should be held in place by a bottom knot
5" Small Rope Ball:
  • 5" diameter ball
  • 2.5 lb/ 1.13 kg weight
  • 36" rope
  • Small and light for one handed moves
  • Small enough for double hand exercises with one in each hand
  • Great size for tight spaces and moves close to the body
6.5" Medium Rope Ball:
  • 6.5" diameter ball
  • 5.5 lbs/2.5 kg weight
  • 36" rope
  • Medium size for speed and strength of movement
  • Great size for full rotations and swinging exercises
8.5" Large Rope Ball:
  • 8.5" diameter ball
  • 12.5 lbs/5.68 kg weight
  • 36" rope
  • Large size for strong powerful movements
  • Slow down the reps and fully engage the entire body for each reps
  • Requires great core strength and body control