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Buyer Guide For The Ultimate Fitness

Suggested Height:

  • All user heights can use this board

Suggested Weight:

  • Under 220 lbs
    • All Users
  • Over 220 lbs
    • We do not recommend using this board
    • The board top will have slight flex when on the half balls
    • Please contact us for a custom board made from a thicker ply

Half Ball Size:

Si Boards half balls allow you to create your own wobble board or balance board. You can use the 5", 6.5" and 8.5" half balls. Use the 5" half balls for beginners.

The Larger Half Ball:

  • Requires greater leg strength
  • Requires greater range of motion
  • Provides more board tilt
  • Keeps you higher off the ground which may be uncomfortable for beginners

The Smaller Half Ball:

  • Requires less leg strength
  • Rides fast and quck control
  • Keeps you closer to the ground to stop easier
  • Suggested for beginners

Board Tilt:

This is the angle of the board when one side touches the ground and the other side rests on the half ball. We suggest beginning users start with smaller half balls to reduce extreme board tilt.

Greater Board Tilt: (a larger half ball)

  • Requires more ankle, knee and hip range of motion
  • Increases the starting angle and strength needed to get started
  • Great advanced board for those who have a lot of range of motion

Less Board Tilt: (a smaller half ball)

  • Requires more fine tuning of the ankles, knees and hips to keep the board level
  • Allows the board to stop on the ground easier
  • Great beginner level for those who do not have a lot of range of motion

No Rail System:

The Ultimate Fitness board does not have a rail system on the bottom. We do not suggest balancing on a ball using this board top.