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Precautions And Care

As with all balance training devices the risk of injury exists. Si Boards are for individuals who are healthy enough to maintain balance. Learning how to ride a Si-Board will fatigue your legs and make it difficult to balance. Follow these safety precautions to reduce your risk of injury. Ride at your own risk.


  • Wear safety equipment including a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads especially if attempting tricks.
  • Children and beginner should always be supervised and have a spotter for added safety.
  • A spotter stands in front of the rider with his/her hands out front for support. A spotter can also hold on to the rider’s hips from behind while the rider holds on to a stable surface or counter top. Spot using a wide and staggered stance for stability.
  • Wear shoes that provide traction and are free of dirt, sand, water and other substances that may reduce your traction. If riding barefoot, keep your feet and the board top dry.
  • Do not use while intoxicated or under the influence of other substances.
  • Si Boards are intended for use on carpet, rubber matting, non-slip surfaces, grass or turf. Using on concrete or rough surfaces will scratch the board. Using on smooth tile surfaces will not provide traction for starting and stopping with safety. We suggest interlocking foam squares, a rubber mat or carpet for added safety.
  • Use in an open area without obstacles on the floor. Remove objects that may cause injuries such as tables, chairs, toys and any other items.
  • Do not throw and catch objects while balancing unless you are spotted, have control of the board and can start and stop safely.
  • The solid mass of Si-Board balls could cause injury if throwing or bouncing.

Care And Maintenance:

Follow these guidelines to maintain your Si Board in proper condition and start with safety every time.

Ultimate Fitness Board:

  • Check your board, half ball and resistance bands for damage.
  • Items with cracks, splits or other broken parts should not be ridden.
  • Store your Si Board inside and out of the elements, such as rain, extreme heat and cold and sunlight exposure.
  • Do not store your board in contact with oils or solvents.
  • Do not alter the board. Altering the board may cause damage and an unsafe use.
  • Use the Si Board, half balls and other items for its intended purpose.
  • Si Boards are intended as a balance training device. Any alteration or non-intended use will void the warranty.

Resistance bands:

  • This product contains latex. DO NOT USE if you have a latex allergy.
  • Supervise children at all times.
  • Do not stretch the latex bands past 300%. All bands are 16” and can be stretched up to 48”.
  • Do not store the bands in UV light, extreme temperatures, with oils or solvents.
  • Hand oils and lotions will deteriorate the band life.
  • These bands have not been treated for chlorine. Use in the pool will deteriorate the bands quicker.
  • Always check the resistance bands for cracks, tears, cuts, splits or any abnormal condition before using. Check the band at resting length and at a stretched length. Do not use a damaged band.
  • Check the plastic clips at the end of the resistance bands for breaks and security around the band. Do not use a band if the clip or attachment site is damaged.
  • With continued use the latex bands should be replace yearly.

Straps and handles:

  • Check all strapping material for well secured stitching and integrity. Do not use a strap if it is torn and seams are not secure.
  • Check the securing of the O-rings in the strap and at the weld.
  • Always check the resistance band clip is secured to the O-ring. Do not use the band if the clip will not completely close and secure to itself.