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FREESTYLE STARTER- Blem | Medium Board / Adjustable Rail Classic | Economy Starter | 36" x 18"
Si Boards Freestyle Starter board

Freestyle Starter
  • Medium Economy Size
  • Size: 36" x 18"
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Riders: 4' to 6'
  • Ride Stance: 20" - 35"
  • Best board for entire family
  • Great beginner board for most rider sizes
  • Combination of speed and strength training
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First Ball:

Second Ball:

Half Balls

First Half Ball:

Second Half Ball:

Rail Extensions

Creator Kit Options:

Description Technical Specs Users Guide

Cosmetic Blem:

Our Blems are built to the same high quality control standards with the same materials as our non blems. These are cosmetic issues only and do not affect the function of your board. We use blemish items for our personal demos and have no issues with function or durability.

Cosmetic blemished boards may have urethane rail that got scuffed from the trimming or small bubbles from the molding process.

The board top may have a repaired top or bottom layer split or an artwork imperfection. Enjoy at 15% off retail price.

When you purchase this item we will contact you to discuss the board top options available. Thanks!

The Complete Family Balance Board:

Our most popular board size is available for smaller feet, stances and the whole family. A popular board for younger kids and parents to share. The large board size gives you plenty of room to stand and ride like you are on the Original Board. The smaller rail gives smaller feet and smaller riders the opportunity to use the same board without feeling overstretched or unable to control the board.

All Around Training For Everybody:

With the Starter rail you have a wide stance range to develop your skill set. Ride directly over the bolt holes or move your feet out another 6" inches to the ends. Plenty of space for upper and full body exercises with a solid platform to land on. Ride on two balls or half balls for an endless amount of fun and exercise progression. A great economic tool for training on the go, outdoor use and multiple users with variety of experience.

Balance On These:

Create your own unique combo that suits your needs. Add Balls and Half Balls for your training. Featuring an adjustable rail so you can grow with your board. A great option for young kids with smaller feet who quickly outgrow their clothes!
3" Mini Balls: These are the smallest Balls and are very quick and responsive. They will keep you close to the ground and give you the sensation of floating on air. Beginners should start with these balls. If using on an extremely padded surface or deep carpet these balls will be absorbed and limit your ride motion. Use two balls to create a double pivot board and then progress your skills to one ball.

5" Small Balls: This size Ball is the best with this board size. Adult riders will get the most challenge, tilt and range of motion with this ball.

5" Half Balls: These small Half Balls are the perfect beginner size that will create a challenging surface. Perfect for toddlers and kids progressing to this board. Use two for a basic rocker board or one for a wobble board tilting in all directions. Half balls allow you to progress from the basics of balance or multi-task in complex motions as you progress.

6.5" Half Balls:
This size Half Ball gives you a lot of tilt for experienced riders who need more range of motion. You will be able to rotate the balance board better with this size. Use a 3" Mini Ball and 6.5" Half Ball for the Thrasher and Rock and Roll combos. Use a 5" Small Ball and 6.5" Half Ball for the Big Drop combo.

Rail Extensions: All Starter Boards feature a urethane rail that is pieced together. You can put in middle rail extensions to increase the length by 4" or 8". The rail can also be placed on a larger board. A great way to adjust and reuse your balance board as you gain in skill and height.

Extend your rail with 4" or 8" Extension sets. The 8" Extension will give you a rail length of 28" which is the same length as the Freestyle Original board. The 8" Extensions are the best option. If you add the 4" Extensions your rail will be off center when using the existing rail holes. This creates a unique ride over the tail end of the board. To extend your rail you will need to drill a few extra holes for the Extensions.

Elysia's Notes:

This popular board combines the best of both worlds. A medium board size for a wide range of stances and a small rail for smaller riders. At trade shows when an entire family shows up this is the board they feel find the most useful for everybody. Parents can stay active and kids can lean to develop their athletic ability. I love working with beginners on this board because I know I can take them through upper body, full body and lower body coordination without excessive range of motion.

Balance Board Progression From Beginner To Advanced:

Basic Combos:
  1. Rocker Board: 2 Half Balls
  2. Wobble Board: 1 Half Ball
  3. Single Pivot Board: 1 Half Ball and 1 Ball
  4. Double Pivot Board: 2 Balls
  5. Multi-Direction Board: 1 Ball
Specialty Combos:
  1. Rock and Roll: 3" Mini Ball rolling inside a 6.5" Half Ball at each end
  2. Thrasher: 3" Mini Ball rolling inside a 6.5" Half Ball
  3. Big Drop: 5" Small Ball fixed tight inside a 6.5" Half Ball
Starter Boards Give You 8 Different Board Options

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