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POWDER ORIGINAL BASIC | Large Board / Small Rail Hybrid | Original | 41" x 15" | 6 in 1 Options
Si Boards Powder Original board

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Powder Original Board
  • Small Industrial Size
  • Size: 41" x 15"
  • Skill Level: Experienced
  • Rider Heights: 4' to 6'
  • Ride Stance: 18" - 38"
  • Unique shape allows extreme tilt forward and backward
  • Fast board for coordination without leg fatigue
  • Squat deep for wide board grabs
  • (2) 5" Small Balls and 6.5" Half Ball

New Color Combos Available!
Ask us for the Limited Addition Combos and please check your email, including bulk and spam folders, for your color choices. We are excited to get you started on your new Si Board.
Our Price: $635.00

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Product Code: BBHB415065

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Snow Inspired:

The Powder Original is designed to feel like you are on the slopes. The wide ends stabilize the board while the skinny middle moves fast. It really feels like you are floating on air. Feel you momentum easily shift from the center and grab on because the forward and backward board tilt is massive. The tilt really works your ankle range of motion and full body control to stay upright. The unique shape also helps with aerial control. Practice 360 spins on the board and maintain your balance.

Dig In Deep:

Keep a narrow stance similar to snowboarding or get stretched out into a wide squat. Train your muscles to react with a variety of hip angles and dig in deep for board grabs in the middle or take it to the ends. With enough space for two balls or half balls you will feel the board slide forward and tilt like being on the edge. Perfect for off season training.

Balance On These:

The Powder Original features a steel rail system that allows you to create 16 different types of boards. A perfect balance board for learning skill progression. Create your own unique combo that suits your needs. Add Balls and Half Balls for your training. Features a steel rail system you can attach Resistance Bands to expand your exercise routine.

3" Mini Ball: Perfect for unpredictable training. Place this ball inside the half ball for the Thrasher combo and hold on! Such a great challenge. When not riding this ball you can use it for myofascial release and trigger points.

5" Small Balls: These balls work the best on this small rail size. They are fast for riding to the edge and giving you enough forward and backward motion. Use one ball for a multi-direction board for a high level of movement. Create a double pivot board by using two 5" Small Balls for a easier skill progression or to work on extreme board tilt.

6.5" Medium Balls: As you progress you should consider this larger ball. You can get up nice and high off the ground, carve turns without grounding the board and get even more extreme tilt.

6.5" Half Balls: This size Half Ball gives you enough tilt for a beginning balance board. Use one for a wobble board tilting in all directions. Two of the 6.5" will fit under the board to create a rocker board for basic movement. Half balls allow you to progress from the basics of balance or multi-task in complex motions as you progress. Use a 3" Mini Ball and 6.5" Half Ball for the Thrasher and Rock and Roll combos. Use a 5" Small Ball and 6.5" Half Ball for the Big Drop combo. Specialty combos are great for unpredictable training and quick reaction like landing your tricks.

Resistance Bands: Increase your postural control and spine stability with Resistance Bands. Simply loop the straps around the board and attach the bands and handles. Adding the upper body control increases your muscle activation, focus and overall training effect.

Elysia's Notes:

The Powder Original is such a unique balance board to ride. The small rail is great for a small stance and staying narrow. The added board length challenges you to reach for the ends for a board grab for great flexibility and squat control. I love having two balls under the board and seeing how far I can tilt the board and how long I can hold the position. It is fast but smooth and really makes you feel like you are floating on air.

Balance Board Progression From Beginner To Advanced:

Basic Combos:
  1. Rocker Board: 2 Half Balls
  2. Wobble Board: 1 Half Ball
  3. Single Pivot Board: 1 Half Ball and 1 Ball
  4. Double Pivot Board: 2 Balls
  5. Multi-Direction Board: 1 Ball
Specialty Combos:
  1. Rock and Roll: 3" Mini Ball rolling inside a 6.5" Half Ball at each end
  2. Thrasher: 3" Mini Ball rolling inside a 6.5" Half Ball
  3. Big Drop: 5" Small Ball fixed tight inside a 6.5" Half Ball
Add the Resistance Bands to any combo for 16 different systems

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