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VORTEX | Small Board / Skate Rail Hybrid | Economy Starter | 28" x 12" | Multiple Training Packages
Si Boards Vortex Starter board

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Vortex Starter
  • Small Economy Size, Hybrid Shape with Small Skate Rail
  • Size: 28" x 12"
  • Skill Level: All riders
  • Riders: 4' to 5'4" to 6' feet tall
  • Ride Stance: 20" - 24"
  • Great for small riders, travel, fitness classes and small ride space
  • Quick and responsive for foot coordination
  • Size: 28" x 12" x 3/4" pressed Maple with continuous rocker (Vortex)
  • Size: 28" x 12" x 1/2" pressed Maple with continuous rocker (Vortex Junior)
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Product Code: STB280

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Training Packages

Want to create your own unique combo? Select the options below and make the training package that's right for you. Have fun!

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Half Balls

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Dear Si Boarders:
The formatting on this page is capital W... Wacky! I know, this is part of the reason for changing to a new an improved website. Thanks for your patience until then.

Are you ready for one unique ride system? The Vortex is a board designed for the extremes of Si Boarding. Perfect for beginners needing a limited ride space and ability for a full body workout without overstretching the system. Equally perfect for advanced riders trying to stay centered on this agile board that knocks you front to back. Maximized rail and board ration allows you to use the whole board, have great tilt and ongoing challenge without grounding the board too quickly. Fantastic for skateboard training, tricks, kids, beginners, gym classes and athletes who need to train quick and reactive feet.

The Most Reactive Board for Agility Training:

The Vortex is a swirl of energy that surely translates into your ride style and training! This unique hybrid board features a long narrow shape with our narrow Skate rail. This combo creates a very fast front to back movement transfer and abrupt direction change as the ball hits the rail. That energy moves up your body and requires core stability and fast reactions to control your upper body. The small rail allows you to lift your heels and ride with just your forefoot and toes on the board. Perfect for athletes who routinely train fast feet and ability to overcome opposing forces from your opponents like boxing, martial arts, football, soccer, tennis and dancers.

Fun For Everyone In the Family or Gym:

As a beginning balance board, the Vortex is perfect for getting your core stimulated without feeling overwhelmed by a lot of board motions like our larger Si Boards. It's an awesome size for small feet, growing kids, families and multiple users. You will enjoy taking this outside or on your next trip since it is compact and easy to pack. Everybody get ready for your next core challenge! Priced just right, sized for travel and easy training outdoors and as an entry for beginners and the ultimate challenge for advanced riders. The pressed Maple ply gives the board incredible strength, continuous rocker and a fun .

Vortex and the Vortex Junior Differences:

The Vortex comes in two different board thicknesses. Both are pressed maple ply from our USA skateboard manufacturers. The Vortex is 3/4 inch thick with 13 ply maple and have incredible strength for heavier riders up to 400 pounds. The Vortex Junior. is our lighter and thinner board with 7 layers of pressed maple ply. This board is suited for kids and smaller riders under 100 pounds. The Vortex Junior. is easier to maneuver for smaller riders and will flex if a heavier rider stands on it.

Balance On These:

Create your own unique combo that suits your needs. Add Balls and Half Balls for your training.
3" Mini Balls: The 3" Mini Balls are the best combo to get your multi-direction balance training started. Sized just right with the narrow board and continuous rocker for a fast and smooth transition from left to right. Front to back ride space is just enough for a comfortable ride for beginners with a gentle movement flow. Also super challenging for advanced riders when moving with strong and purposeful exercises. Use one ball for multi-direction riding or two for ultimate front to back challenge in your sport stance.

5" Vortex Half Balls: The 5" Vortex Half Ball has great height for a lot of board tilt and foot coordination fine tuning and to use as a slant ankle stretching board. Designed to fit inside the narrow rail and hug the straight edges of the rail for tricks and spins. Use one for a Wobble Board tilting in all directions. Use two Half Balls to create a Rocker Board that tilts in 2 directions and as an easier start to learning balance. The Vortex Half Balls are specialty designed with a recessed area so you can place the 3" Mini Balls inside and create the Thrasher or Rock and Roll Combos

Rail Extensions: All Starter Boards feature a urethane rail that is pieced together. You can put in middle rail extensions to increase the length by 4" or 8". The rail can also be placed on a larger board. A great way to adjust and reuse your balance board as you gain in skill and height. If using the 8" Extension kit you will need to use a larger board top. The rail can always be taken off and placed on a larger board. The 4" Extension kit will create a 20" length rail and you will need to drill new rail holes.

Elysia's Notes:

I have enjoyed watching kids learn how to balance on the Turbo Starter. The rail size is perfect for small feet compare to the Turbo Original. They confidently learn the board movements and how to engage their muscles. It is fast and a very tight ride area compared to any other board. It is a unique ride to keep the board level to avoid grounding the sides. When I use this board I know I can completely control the motion and multi-task.

Balance Board Progression From Beginner To Advanced:

Basic Combos:
  1. Rocker Board: 2 Half Balls
  2. Wobble Board: 1 Half Ball
  3. Single Pivot Board: 1 Half Ball and 1 Ball
  4. Double Pivot Board: 2 Balls
  5. Multi-Direction Board: 1 Ball
Specialty Combos:
  1. Rock and Roll: 3" Mini Ball rolling inside a 6.5" Half Ball at each end
  2. Thrasher: 3" Mini Ball rolling inside a 6.5" Half Ball
  3. Big Drop: 5" Small Ball fixed tight inside a 6.5" Half Ball
Starter Boards Give You 8 Different Board Options

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